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    Exam phobia even after all the hard work and preparation

    Why do students develop a phobia of an exam despite good preparation beforehand is the focus of this analytical discussion.

    One of the biggest problems with the students in most of the examinations is that as soon as they sit in the examination hall, fear or examination phobia surrounds them and gradually its effect becomes so much that the students forget a lot of what learned, even Simple question too. This happens with anyone or all, but the maximum of students loses themselves due to this exam phobia. To overcome the fear of examination, it is very important to gain confidence in yourself.

    We should always remember that we were not studying just for the exam, but we have studied that is why we are giving the exam. By bringing a change in thinking, confidence also increases, and positivity also arises in our minds. I request other authors to share their valuable experiences and advice that how students can keep themselves away from this exam phobia and get success with their hard work.
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    Many students will have this phobia. I heard some students complaining that after getting into the examination their minds became blank. This is mainly due to fear only. One should overcome this fear. That is why these days the private institutes conduct model examinations and make the students appear for them. When they attend three or four times such examinations, they may overcome that problem. Another way to avoid this problem is to relax for a few minutes before going to the examination hall. I have seen some students going on referring the books till the last minute and even just before entering into the examination hall. That is not a good habit. That will harm us more than helping us. So just 10 minutes before going to the examination hall stop peeping into the books and keep a pleasant mind. One should develop a positive attitude that we can fare well in the examinations and that will bring in more confidence.
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    Exam phobia will always be there. A student is supposed to show his knowledge and learnings of the whole year in a subject in merely 3 hours of exam paper and it is natural that everyone will not be able to do well within that limited time. I have seen many students who are very good in studies but are not able to do well in the exam and are always apprehended by that time. So, even after a good preparation it is not necessary that everyone will be able to score high. Due to all these factors students become a bit jittery in those times and only those who have control on their feelings are able to cope up in the best possible manner.
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    Exam phobia is the natural thing with which most of the students are suffering from this. There could be many reasons for such disturbance. May be they are doing preparations of the subjects in the last hour when their mind is still suffering from the anxiety and as a result of their such involvement, they are getting depressed. Hence it is always better to drop such habit of the last hour preparation and instead they should use some techniques giving them calmness for at least 10 minutes prior to examination. This could relax their anxieties and could help them the better concentration in the examination- hours.

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    I feel that students don't have an exam phobia, they are fearful of results and that's why they do not perform well. We always look for the future and that's why we destroy the present. Also, sometimes we also fear that if we can't perform better then, what others will think about us? So I feel that we should not think about results and do all that we know. Due to this fear, we even forget what we have learned. To cure exam fear only good studies during the year are not necessary, it also requires good revision, and a minimum of five to six revisions would reduce the chances of such fear. Before sitting in the examination hall drink some water and taking a deep sigh reduces stress and provides freshness for the examination. An optimistic approach is necessary with good preparation to score well.

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    i do not agree with the author that exam phobia would persist even after the hard studies and preparations. That means the so called hard studies was not done fruitfully or in the guise of combined studies , time was wasted with the friends and preparations for the ultimate exam was without proper planning and consultations. Good students should always consult the seniors who have gone through such exams successfully and cue should be taken from them as to how to write the targeted questions which are destined to come and how best the answers can be wrote. One thing is sure always remember short answers and objectives so that half of the pressure is already taken out and remaining try to write on what is learned in the class and what the teacher has taught and that should be rewarding experience to finish the exam.
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    Students have to inculcate the habit of studying to understand the concept, inculcate the concepts in real life at applicability levels rather than studying just to score distinction or ranks.

    What is education in the real sense? This question has to be given a perfect answer by each child. Then he or she will not have exam fear. If students learn English grammar and imbibe it in their communication, then all the grammar-related questions make not strike them hard. This can be followed in a few concepts whether it is any subject. In-depth knowledge can only build confidence in them. Learning to satisfy oneself is most important than committing to memory.

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    If any student is suffering from exam phobia or any other phobia his parents should take him to any psychiatrist. He needs proper treatment and care. However, generally, students have fear like - How many marks he will get? Or Will he get the top position in the class? If he doesn't get good marks his father will rebuke or beat him? etc.
    Parents, as well as teachers, have a responsibility to guide their students on how to prepare for examinations and how they should take examinations in the examination hall. They need counselling. They should not be given an undue burden on their minds to get maximum marks. It may affect their performance. Give them good tips which encourage them to give their best.

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