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    12 hour clock or 24 hour clock, what do you prefer?

    Whether we talk about a normal clock or we talk about mobile or laptop etc., the option of time is available in almost every device. As we are all here from different states but all follow the same timeline of 82.5 then the time is the same for all. If I take a new mobile, I never choose 24 hours clock in the time setting because I find12 hours clock more comfortable and easy, besides when I book train or any other tickets, then in that too the time is according to 24 hours clock and I have to do the calculation for few seconds but a small calculation on fingers is required to find the exact time in 12 hours formate. Which medium do you use for your timing information, 12hours or 24 hours clock?
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    People use both of them depending on the personal ease and choice but somehow I am inclined to use the 24 hour format as it is very convenient and gets us rid from the AM and PM things. From the 24 hour clock one can easily make out the time especially when it is crossing the 12 o'clock mark whether it is noon or midnight. Moreover, having conversant with the 24 hour clock has an added advantage of following the travel time tables easily. It also helps much while converting time from one country to other especially in the internet when some outside sites will be approached by us.
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    Some people prefer 24 hours clock and some people like 12 hours and it all depends on their choice. Personally, I like 12 hours clock. It is easier for me , however, sometimes, I keep 24 hours clock in my mobile. I see it that generally, everybody uses 12 hours clock. If you ask anybody what time it is, and if his mobile clock is showing 18:00 hours, he will never tell you it is 18 o'clock, rather, first he will convert time into 12 hours time then he will say,"It's 6 (p.m.)". I am saying this because I see people telling time according to 12 hours clock.

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    It will not matter much to me. My wall clock follows 12 hours format. My laptop follows 24 hours format. My tablet is showing 12 hours format and my mobile is showing 24 hours format. Many of us are more comfortable with 12 hours format. In earlier days there were no mobiles and all are depending on wristwatches and the majority of the wrist watches those days are having 12 hours format only. That is why many senior citizens these days are comfortable with 12 hours format only.
    Once we planned a trip to Vijayawada from Hyderabad. My brother booked the tickets and he conveyed to me that this bus is at 10 PM. So I went to the office as usual. But at 10 AM I received a call from the bus conductor saying that the bus is waiting for us as we are 10 persons who have reserved tickets. I got confused and I told him that we are not coming on that bus. Then I contacted my brother to see the tickets. He got confused instead of booking for the 10 PM bus he booked for the 10 AM bus. This is also confusing with 12 hours format.

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    In the school, I learned about 24 hours clock used by the railways. Later when I joined an organisation where 24 hours clock was a must, and I followed that system. It is easy and comfortable for me. It can contain simply four figures. whereas a.m and p.m as suffixes are not comfortable to me.
    I am typing this response at 2026 hours (8.26 p.m). Look at the difference and understand the comfort and convenience of 24 hour clock.

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    During my childhood I always got confused with the 24 hour clock and the railways are the best example to use that timing and we are well aware of it. But I would like to submit a real thing happened with my father when he was in Jabalpur and when ever he was to return Hyderabad the train would come late night the timing is 00.10 that means midnight past 10 minutes. My father was not aware of the rail 24 hours timing method he booked the ticket for Friday night but he came to the station on Saturday night and the train has gone previous night itself. Normally this confusion happens with night time journey passengers as they have to be careful about the next day and time. That is the reason being so many are averse to 24 hour time following and often made mistake between 20.00 hours to 00.00 hours. And that is the take of 24 hours timing.
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    Each format has its own merits and demerits. Only what we have learned from the beginning will make it easy and convenient for everyone to use. So everyone will love to use that format. Everyone knows that 24 hours a day, and so if you use the "24" hour format, you can avoid adding AM/ PM and avoid the confusion on the train, bus, and air tickets. But we have to waste a moment for calculation when we have to tell, the time to someone, or we have to figure it out. And that's because we learned from the beginning with a "12" hour wristwatch.
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