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    Are you satisfied with your own skill deployment

    We all try to decorate ourselves with our own education, intellect, etc., and want to distribute that intellect to everyone through the right deployment. So everyone is eager to find the right job. But not everyone can find it so wait for the time. Someone's life passes but they do not find the right place. Again a lot of people are easily obtained. Especially in a country like ours where there is no shortage of unemployed youth. Rabindranath Tagore said one thing "I don't get what I want, I don't want what I get". So there is some tragedy of every human's life to sustain. Is there are adverse effects of any unsatisfied people at their deployment fields. Please share your view.
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    If the skills you have are not useful for the job, you should acquire the skills that are required for the post you are in. This is should be the approach these days. Unemployment is the biggest problem these days. So we have to start working and try for a job that we like. Otherwise, start acquiring the skills required. Learning is a continuous process. Even while working we should start learning new skills and that will be useful for our progress in the career. People should not get complacent with the qualification they have. They should continue their pursuit of attaining new skills and excel.
    As far as I am concerned, I got the job of my choice and I am able to use my skills in my career and I enjoyed fruits out of it. I am very much satisfied with my career and now I am spending relaxed retirement life.

    always confident

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    A very interesting thread started by the author. We all acquire some education associated with certain practical skills and then embark into the journey of our career. We soon realise that we are missing many learnings or skills in us that are to be used in our job or career and try to acquire them while on the job. So, with time we feel that we know so much and the current job is no match for our talent and try to switch to greener pastures. This goes on in a continuous manner and we always feel that we did not get what we really deserved. A majority of us feels like that. But the fact of the matter is that in this tough competitive world it is not necessary that one is deployed as per one's capabilities and to that extent one has to be satisfied.
    Knowledge is power.

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    All of us have some skills which propel us out of crowd. Generally, our skills are subject to our choice of work or interest in any particular activity, therefore, our skills are developed accordingly. When we use our skills at the right place they are more polished and furnish us name, fame, money, progress and prosperity. We should never use our skills to harm others and also should not make our skills dangerous for other people. It is often heard that well talented people are/were involved in harmful activities even anti social and anti human activities.
    I think retired people who have great skills should use their skills to benefit young generation. They may be proven as guide and teacher to them. Their experience will benefit young strugglers. One of my maternal uncle was a retired professor (Chemistry). After his retirement he returned his home town and renovated his home. He opened his gate to all students. So, students of intermediate, graduation and P.G. would come to him if they found any problem in chemistry.

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    This is really a very interesting thread stressing the need to improve our skill so we can discharge our duties with more productive outputs. Once entering in our job and doing the same continuously would not improve our efficiency unless we give some twist in our performance. Such tricks are often required these days when the management needs less manpower but at the same time, production has to be stepped up further. This will need to adopt production practices to be followed by the employees. There are two ways to improve the same. Either we need to have some additional qualification to be acquired in that direction or we need to raise our standards with the discussion of our colleagues having better experience to achieve production targets. Eagerness to know certain technology in our own areas, will strengthen our knowledge and the same thing can be applied in our industry to improve the output.

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    The present situation is such that there is a big war going on for employment and if you miss, you should always develop new skills in yourself. Maybe our skills are also suitable for our employements, but even then the matter does not end only till getting the job, for further development and progress also we should bring changes in ourselves according to normal. In today's time, every person is engaged in making himself better and better, in such a situation, if we do not decorate our skills further or do not earn new skills, then we may be left behind in comparison to others.

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