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    Organic foods in the market. Are they really organic?

    There is a trend these days that everybody talks about organic foods. Many outlets are advertising that their foods are organic. They are charging extra prices also for these foods. Day by day demand for these organic foods is increasing. Eventhough there is an increase in organic farming also they are not able to meet the demand. The yields in organic farming are comparatively less than normal forming yields. Many of the farmers are not having the skills required for this farming and they are also not getting sufficient support from the government also.

    To meet the demand some suppliers are cheating the market by labelling normal products also as organic products. There are no proper ways and means to distinguish between ordinary and organic products. I like to know the opinion of the members on this.
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    Organic food products are more nutrients than non-organic. Now a days different type of chemicals is used in cultivation which causes various diseases. The author is right in saying that shopkeepers may take advantage of the interest of buyers in organic food products and may charge higher rates for their vegetables and fruits. What are the signs of organic food or how to recognise them is not easy however, organic food products (vegetables, fruits) look more real and are of varying shapes and colours. These organic vegetables or fruits have normal sizes. They also look imperfect in contrast with non-organic fruits and vegetables that look perfect and more shining because of chemicals and artificial fertilizers used in cultivation.

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    What I feel that in the name of organic food there is a systematic fooling by the vested interests as they could read the pulse of the people who are more health conscious and given the present situation there is no compromise on health issues and therefore spending few more on organic foods has become the take of many. We could see more organic vegetable shops in our vicinity and when I went there for shopping could not find any difference but the show owner was telling that those vegetables are chemical free and not made to grow forcibly. The rates charged are also more cannot be afforded by ordinary people. One thing is sure , as long as people have the health conscious mode , the manufacturers and suppliers have the feel good factor of exploiting them no matter they sell organic or no organic in the guise.
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    We are tempted to buy organic foods because of its numerous health benefits. At least these products are not contaminated with the pesticides taxing heavily on our health. While visiting the shops, we see the food packages labelled organic outside the packaging. We believe them blindly and purchase the same on the premium charges without considering the genuineness of the products. We don't have any yardstick to detect how far the products purchased are the real ones . Simply by going through the texture would not guarantee us regarding the quality of the products. The business men are becoming smarter to rake maximum profits in the name of organic products. In terms of quality, these products need not be the organic one but we pay sorbitans price thinking the products genuine ones. The best way would be to have the products of genuine companies and wash the products several times before its use so that pesticides are eliminated to a great extent.

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    A huge market of adulterated products market has always remained a part of society by deceiving the consumers in the matter of products. The demand for organic products is increasing because in today's time slowly but people are now becoming health conscious and hence giving priority to good food. In such a situation, a consumer buys organic food with the expectation of health-enhancing products while reducing his expenses, but no one can guarantee that only pure organic substances are always available.

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    I also have the same doubt. Over the last couple o years I see a terrific growth of products advertised as 'organic'. We now that the yield using traditional type of cultivation is not that much as using the modern chemicals fertilisers and pesticides , weedicides etc. So there is a natural doubt as to how many will venture to 'pure' organic farming.
    I feel that most of them are exploiting the newfound interest and even'fad' of the people propelled by the over marketing in social media.

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    There is a lot we hear nowadays about the organic food items and companies are vying with each other in this segment as the profit margins are better than the ordinary food products that we were normally consuming. In general these items are costlier and are beyond the reach of a common person. It is also reported though some of these items might be from the genuine organic sources and they must had been harvested without using the harmful pesticides but the question is how to ascertain the quality of these items. One thing is buy only from the high end reputed sources but that is always a costlier option. Rich people are just buying these items hoping that they would be genuine and keep their health in good condition. So, there are confusions and ambiguities prevailing in this market segment and one has to be sure about the source of the items before shelling out a chunk of good money for buying them.
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    In olden days there are some group of people selling abnormal products of their own NY gathering public on roadsides. Some of their own people buy their products (and return later back) and by seeing them others buy the items. Similarly we people only boasting the products of genuine by promoting as organic etc. Similarly the sales by pazhamuthirsolai to make them to at higher rates by creating propaganda by some people that they are seeing products of pyore and quality.

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