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    Take time out of life to be in happiness

    When we ask some people they say they are very busy and one person told me that 24 hours is too short for a day and that should be extended and proves that people are getting involved with work giving less time or not time to enjoy the happiness in life. You need not allot whole day, for enjoyment , just moments of happiness now and then should be taken from the busy schedule and that would not only recharge our hectic life and also gives cushion to those to whom you share that important time of enjoyment being there.
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    Indeed, life is too short and we should try our best to make our life more beautiful and more comfortable and for this mission we dedicate ourselves utterly. Even many of us forget to spend their time with their families too. In some of the families children are unable to.see their father's face because they get up after their father has gone and they are already slept when their father returns home. It is not exaggerated, it is real - in some families it happens. Despite hectic schedule we should spend our time with our families, we should take them out and if possible , we should visit any hill station for a few days. We should spare some moments to enjoy our lives to the fullest. I think family isn't he great asset for a person and spending time with our children and wife give us happiness and peace of mind.

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    Everyone is busy and life is a hectic journey full of myriads of activities. In such a pace it is difficult to find out leisure and happy times as the mind will always be busy thinking about the tasks, incomplete jobs etc. In spite of all these odds some people are able to manage their time in an effective way and find out moments of happiness with friends and family. It is said that if one is able to do that then these things work like a rejuvenation and revitalisation doses in our lives and we get prepared for the next bout of business. It is imperative that however busy we are we have to manage our time in a well planned and meticulous way to achieve this objective. It is also true that happiness is a state of mind and many times some people are not able to be happy due to some deep internal scars but life is like that and we have to forget the past if we want to be comfortable in the present and think for betterment for our future.
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    Rightly said by the author, we always think about our work. You will find that most of the people will say like that I have no time. Our life is going to be complicated day by day because of a busy schedule. In early times, people had a lot of time for their family and friends. But, today's people got very busy for wanting of more money. Gradually, our condition is as we are forgetting ourselves. That is not good. Even we have no time to take care of our health. So, most of the people living like a machine. Their mind is like a machine where they think that what is to be used or what not to be used. Happiness and leisure time make our life energetic.So, it is necessary to take out time for a healthy life.

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    A very beautiful message has been given by the author which is commendable. It is true that we as a people want to be happy and to feel happy, we keep making various efforts and make ourselves and our loved ones happy. As the author has said that we don't have to search for happiness 24 hours a day, I agree with this, happiness can be a small moment which keeps your whole day or maybe even day in a happy feeling. The moments of happiness seem short but their feeling can be maintained for a long time and they are able to make themselves more and more happy person. It is said by many people that we should not find happiness in the outer world but in the inner world, in the same way when a person can cherish even a small moment of his happiness for a long time, then he will never allow himself to be sad.

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    Really a nice message to all of us given by the author. If you don't love yourself, you won't be able to love others. To be happy in life we should spend some time alone for ourselves to get out of the constant negativity and stress around us. Always involve in works may not be a bad idea, but it unnecessarily can kill our happiness. If you can put a smile on the face of your near and dear one, you will always have a smile on your face also. Listen to them who want to tell you something, it may be a good advised for you. Lastly if you want to keep the mind well, you must keep the body healthy, you know that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. And a healthy mind is a small house of happiness, peace and love.
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    That is true. One should enjoy their life. We have to work and earn to live. But we should not live to earn. What are you going to do with the money you are earning and keeping in the bank. Once you are out of this earth you don't know what happens to your people and your money. They may enjoy their life with the money you earned. So there is no point in struggling all the time and earning.
    If we learn to be happy in our life, we will be more healthy and we will have a peaceful life. Getting overstrained and not giving time to be with our people will make you sick. So as suggested by the author we should always take some time from our busy schedule and enjoy the time with our family members and friends.
    But at the same time spending all the time in enjoyment and not working is also a bad trait. We should have a balance in our life. We should also learn to derive happiness from our work. That will make us successful in our life.

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