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    Why people are on the look out for solutionists ?

    Those who really mean their work and ability and who does not want to waste their time were always looking out for those who can give them the best solution to bail out of nagging problems. Not that problems are so challenging and not attend -able, but we need a lasting solutions and that can be had from the solutionists who are experts in dealing with rare problems and yet confident of giving their best output to get rid of the same. Here I am not talking about professionals. but general public experienced to tackle anything.
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    As far as I am concerned I feel we should not look for a person who can give a solution to our problem.
    I say I have to get my passport renewed. There are two ways. Go to a middle man and pay him money and he will complete the job. The second way is to fill the application online and book the slot and attend the interview and you will receive the renewed passport. I prefer the second way. Why should we depend on somebody for a small problem which we can manage on our own?
    We may be facing many problems in our day to day works and for every problem, we look at somebody for a solution we will never learn anything. In such a case our progress in the career will also be slow only. We will not grow fast. As far as possible we should try to try and solve our problems.
    Only when there is no other alternative and we could not complete the work on our own, then only we should look for a solutionist. Again people may differ from my opinion.

    always confident

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    We see such people who do not waste their time in finding a solition of any problem and if they don't find any solution themselves then they promptly move to consult an expert and experienced person/persons of the concerned field. I see several people who are ultra health conscious, they don't delay to consult any doctor or a specialist for their health related problems.
    Some people are lacking in self-confidence if they are involved in any unexpected problem they lose their confidence and look here and there for help. They need to generate self-confidence so that they may face any problem boldly and may find a solution themselves without seeking any help from other people.

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    Other or experts can advise you but they can not solve any problem. As long as a person keeps looking for others as solutionists for his problems or challenges, he will keep wandering throughout his life. Our problems are part of our life and we have to find their solution. There is no person who does not have any problem in his own life, so how long will someone be able to help someone else. It is better not to increase the problem and find its solution on a small level you yourself are capable of doing this and no one is needed for this.

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    A solutionist is the perfect expert because he has gone through the process and knows all its advantages and loopholes.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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