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    Disagreement should be accompanied by alternatives

    There are people who find faults and disagree with our way of working and commitments but at the same time, they fail to provide a bit of constructive advice which can improve our lives. Finding fault is not a bad habit. It proves that one has the profess and efficiency over the issue or the subject, but it would highly disturb us if there is no alternative provided to us. Thus the disagreement/fault finding will only help to create a mental block in us which may stall our future progress.

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    You have to provide a valid point, make the person agree that why you disagreed with context to, explain, elaborate without hurting their personality. It aids in personality development too.

    If not done so the best output or results can never be expected from such person. Goals get hindered leading to failures. It is clearly applicable when team works are entrusted. If one person lags behind and others move ahead yet the team cannot achieve its goal. So working hand in hand rebuilds confidence and perfection. Collaboration with the team is an art which not many can master but yet it is not a difficult task. Concentration, planning right things at right point of time, with better communication skills can help in overall performance.

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    Disagree to agree on a matter also has the inner motives to malign.
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    You may come across many people in the society disagreeing with you with some of your points. Well there cannot be uniformity in the thinking process and as such these people might have different views. However, on asking them why you should change your stand, the immediate response might not be available. You are prepared for the constructive suggestions in case there is a flaw in your approach. Such criticism would not help anyone and hence if you have taken up a step with a careful planning, you should not be afraid of the unnecessary criticism of others in proceeding your assignments.

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    Uniformity in views is not possible, however, if you disagree with someone then you should have a solid reason to disagree because being disagree with someone does not mean you are right and he is wrong. It is very much possible that you are wrong, nevertheless, you disagree with him and it may be possible that your being disagrees with him is due to your ignorance or inability to understand his viewpoint. The author has taken this aspect in the discussion if someone disagrees with us, he should not stop guiding us and giving his valuable suggestions. Generally, it does not happen that a person disagreeing with someone will cooperate with us.

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    "Disagree to agree on a matter also has the inner motives to malign."

    I think you mean to say "Agree to disagree.......

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    I agree with the author. For every issue, there may be various paths to solve. You may choose one of them as your choice. Another person may find the same not suitable and he may disagree in following the path you are following. There is nothing wrong with that. But if he is able to convince you also that his path is better you can also follow that. But many people will never try to say why the path they have chosen is better. Then only the problem starts. They say your path is not correct but they never say what is the better path. Their motto is to discourage you or to see that you may not be a competition to them. So we have to be very wise with such people and we should make our own decision to go ahead. If the other person is really interested in your well being he will explain to you what are the problems in the path you have choosen.
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    It is very well suggested by the author, when we disagree with someone then it is natural that we want that thing in some different way then naturally we have a different idea and when we have the power of that thought then We must share it with the concerned person. It's not a good practice to bother the other person just by pointing out flaws and if you don't have a proper opinion or choice then don't try to make disturb anyone. There must be a reason for every disagreement and when you raise your objection, tell it to the other person with genuine reason.

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