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    Have you found some people talking deceptively?

    When we talk with friends or relatives then some times we have a feeling that they do not mean what they say. We feel some undercurrent in their communication and their talks do not seem to be genuine. It could be due to their hidden agenda or vested interests but we get a tinge of feeling like that. At the same time we feel comfortable and happy while talking to many other people who seem to talk in a plain and simple way and then we really enjoy the conversation. Have you ever noticed such a thing while talking to the people anywhere in any circumstances. Do you think that we should be careful with such people who talk or tell us things that they internally do not mean? Please share your views on this aspect in our lives.
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    Yes. Many times we will definitely come across such people. They appear as if they are really interested in your well being and try to talk as if they are giving the best suggestion possible in the world. But when we really get into the crux of the suggestion we will understand their intentions. They try to deceive you. So we should be watchful with such people. There are some people who are very sincere in their approach but they will not have the knack of telling you sweetly. We will think that they are not trying to help us. But when we understand the details of their suggestion we feel that they are really trying to help us. There will be always different people and different ways.
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    In my opinion, the author has spoken about those people who simply talk without much thought. Sometimes there is neither any motive nor any emotion behind the words of such people, but since these people are habitual to say, they simply say it. Such people are found in abundance in our society, and probably all of us have come across such people at some point or the other. It is wise to make an effort to know what the attention of the other person is, but if you do not understand anything, then it is not a wise thing to waste time with such people otherwise.

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    It is the nature of relative or even close friends and even well wishers that they do move us closely and give their best support but somewhere in the heart there would be non acceptance of our moves and this their deceptive way of demeaning our work and progress can be seen in open and we should not rebuke them and slowly get rid of their company in future and make less contact with them. That would give them the biggest shock that their little overtures of deceptive behavior has taken the toll of great friendship bonding. These people are present in every family and they are kept low.
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    This is a common trait in us that sometimes we say what we don't mean to say and sometimes, we speak in ambiguity to keep our intention hidden or unrevealed. None of us is exempted from such traits but a few. Frankly speaking, I am one of them because the situation demands as such. I see many people who are more pragmatic than me. They know how to deal with people around us concerning social or economic activities. Generally, I like outspoken people because what they speak candidly is what they have in their hearts. They don't carry any grudge or ill feelings for other people because they are not of this sort.
    I don't think that we should hide our feelings or emotions or intention to deceive other people. Deception is a crime against humanity. You trust someone utterly but when the crucial time comes he deceives you for his gains.

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