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    Do you think that human society is going to be emotionless

    Only humans are capable of making society on this earth. But, today people are having no connection with others. Leave alone helping others they don't even want to listen to their problem. People are living for themselves only. Their aim is to fulfil their vested interests. This thought persists not only in the higher or middle class but even the very lower section of society. Sometimes I have noticed that some people don't even want to give water to people who are thirsty. On the other hand, many families in our society are breaking and leaving the other members to serve their individual interests. What is your opinion about it?

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    There are people of all types. Some are good at heart and try to help others without worrying about their own happiness. There are people who will help mothers as long as they will not have any problems. Some people will think always about them only and they never think of helping others. But the percentage varies.
    These days we are finding more people with selfish motives. They never bother about the troubles that are being faced by others because of their actions. Simply they are interested in their profits and their happiness only. We can find many such people in politics these days.

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    I do not agree with few of the facts.

    "Only humans are capable of making society on this earth"
    Instead, there are innumerable and unaccounted organisms and micro-organisms who spent life in a society and in their own ways. However, it is up to us to decide how far we are ready to give them this recognition.

    And surprisingly, those organisms and micro-organisms have much perfected way of living in a society in comparison to us.

    Now if I can get the point here, the author seems to have projected the matter in a most generalized way. Yes, we are more professional in our approach but to my opinion this is not ok. I would rather refer this meaner and more self-centered to not able to think beyond ourselves. But do we feel we are not? Instead, more or less we all are part this.

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    We can see some sorts of new trends in the society where there is absence of human values which were evident in the earlier days. We believed in the system of offering foods to the distressed people. It was the culture of our society to offer some water along with some sweets if someone was passing through the same path but approached us for water being thirsty. We had always the sympathetic attitude for others suffering from distress. Such trends are not being seen now a days since we have been self centred thinking always for our own gain. We fear that one day we will loose all our rich culture of humanness for which India was proud of once.

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    I agree with the author but it is not in our hand to change or reform them. What we can do we should keep on doing it. If we except that other person should show humanity to needy and poor people we may advise them to do so , provided that they are know to us and they will not feel bad while getting suggestions from us.
    It is said and I believe in this saying that old generation is better than new generation in the matter of showing emotions, sentiments, sympathy, consideration, compassion and kindness as humans. This is ages long tradition and we can't do anything in this regard. Everybody has mind and heart to think and decide what is good for him/her and what is bad for him/her.
    I have come to know about a retired professor that he lived alone because his wife had died. His only daughter lived with her husband. Residents of mohalla would say about him that he was very rude to people. So most of the residents would not interact with him but when he died his reality was known to all that he would spend more than half of his pension amount on poor and helpless people and also he had taken responsibility of more than twenty students who were seeking higher study in University/colleges and he would bear all their expenses.

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    It is not that today only people have become selfish and stone hearted. If we go through the history of the mankind then we will find a number of cases where cruel and evil people created havoc for the society just for their vested interests for money and power. The history is full of unkind and bad acts and people did that in the name of gallentry and expanding their kingdoms. So the basic nature of human beings have not changed much and it is only because now we are living in a civilised and modern society that this indifference is teasing us. Emotions cannot be out of the human race. It is part and parcel of our nature. Only thing is that some people have it more while some of the rude ones lack it.
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    As far as humans are concerned they have some extra capabilities than animals but we have seen many cases where animals also help each other infect without any means, so we can not say that only humans can make a society. Today's world is being too selfish that some people do not even think about their own people then how could we accept from them for the society. But yeh one should understand the value of human life and when we have been blessed with this human life with a human body then definitely we should do something that would be in the favor of others.

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    Yes there is a formidable change in the characters of many as they are not in concern with relatives and others and they feel one has to mend their own way and none can help for the cause as the situation is same for everyone and there cannot be blame game for not attending the woes. During the first pandemic there was inclusive cooperation between the people to reach one out another but over the course of time everyone turned out to be selfish and mending their own ways. Such is the situation now even the neighbor is not wishing or interested to know ab out the welfare and everyone wants to just do the calling and inquiries over the social media and that makes the life very centric. Even the children are at loss as there is no pampering and visits from the relatives nor they can go out to meet others. This is challenging.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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