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    Be genuine for your own good

    There was this friend in my class who could rarely complete his English assignments without any spelling mistakes. And he was particular in repeating the same mistakes when it came to some words. Our teacher used to keep correcting him and telling him to learn the correct spelling. But he never improved either because he was not interested or he could not do it, despite the teacher's best efforts.

    One day, while checking the homework, our teacher looked up at him, gave a smile and called him to her. 'Shyam, who wrote this for you'? she asked. His reply that he wrote it himself was quick as if he was expecting this question. The teacher smiled and said, ' I have been going through your notes, assignments and test papers for almost a year now and I know you can't write without mistakes. Now, despite your intentional insertions of a few regular mistakes, I can very well make out that this text is not yours'. Shyam looked down and then said, 'Sorry teacher. Since you have been scolding me and trying to correct me almost daily and since I could not make any improvement, I had taken help from a cousin. I will not repeat this.'

    Though he had done a mistake, the teacher pardoned him and advised him that he can improve only if he had the will to do so and trying to cheat will only hamper his chances of improving. She said, 'Shyam, don't worry, I will help you. But finally, it is your efforts and commitment that will help you to do better.'

    So, the moral of the story is that whatever one does, he should do it for himself. By trying to cover up a mistake or by resorting to malpractices to hide your mistakes or shortcomings, you are doing wrong to yourself as an individual. Anyone who knows you closely, like your parents, teachers, or close friends, will be able to make out the difference very easily. When there is a need to correct your ways, do it sincerely because it is not for the consumption of others but for your own good and no one else is going to lose.

    What is your take on this?
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    During the childhood especially during our student lives most of us have this type of behaviour to cover our mistakes and show off to others or our classmates that we have not done any mistake. But in the deep of our heart we know that there is some shortcoming in us and when that is exposed we are sometimes even hurt with that though the mistake was entirely from our side. Later we all realise that other people are also very intelligent and if we do such things we would be caught sooner or later. This realisation brings maturity in the people and they humbly accept their mistakes before others find it. Hiding our mistakes is not a strength of our personality, it is rather a weak point and repeating it is case of low confidence and having apprehensions of all kinds without any reason.
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    A very nice thread has been present, this is true when we start recognizing our own mistakes or someone else makes us realize our mistakes, then only two things are possible, either you will try to hide it as a flaw and show it as if you have made a mistake. Or else you will give yourself a chance and rectify your mistakes. When any person or we start improving ourselves, the change does not appear all of sudden, but it takes a lot of time. As the author told that Shyam's teacher, who understands his work very well, immediately recognized that this improvement is not possible so soon and in the same way our own can also recognize us. It is better to improve yourself to satisfy yourself to show the world and improve yourself, the world will automatically know your efforts. Along with this, it is also necessary for our loved ones to realize that when someone of ours is trying to improve himself, then we should motivate him in this courage.

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    Nice story from the author which clearly brings in the thought provoking trait of maintaining the self which not only brings new dimensions to further explore but also closely watched by others who get bowled over by the continued good performance of self improvement and not copied from any one. Why the old films songs were good and even famous today because, they are the original renditions without copying from any source and of course the new songs are straightly lifting the old tunes and modifying them in the guise of remix song which is nothing but demeaning the original score.
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    It's really important but in many cases, it is found that the childhood habit of not accepting mistakes remains. When you know that what you are doing is genuine you do not have to cover it up and when you have to cover something up because of your unoriginality you need to tell a lot of lies. The thing is acceptance of mistakes. When the mistake is pointed out we must acknowledge it as a mistake then take the initiative to correct it. If the mistake is not acknowledged then it remains a mistake and one has to take deceptive routes. By doing this, a time may come when others may not trust the person. Acknowledging and correcting the mistakes will not make a person loser rather it will help the person to progress.

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    By reading this story I remembered an incident that happened during my school days. One of my friends was very good at drawing and he used to maintain his science records very nicely. The science teacher used to appreciate him for his drawing skills. But he was not good at handwriting.
    Our science teacher gave us an assignment. We have to draw the experimental set-up for carbon dioxide production in the lab using Kipp's apparatus and write the experimental process on a chart and submit it. I and my friend came to an understanding. On my chart, the drawing will be done by my friend and on his chart, I will write the experimental procedure. We both tried some variations so that our teacher will not recognise them. But after submitting the charts the science teacher called both of us and warned us not to try such tricks. After that, we never did such tricks. A teacher can easily recognise the talent of his students I feel.

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