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    It is also necessary to set a limit of competition.

    The present time is full of competition and perhaps we all remain a part of that competition because we want to be ahead and once we make a habit of putting ourselves ahead then it becomes difficult for some people to lag behind.

    Competition is an important element, for this, we also need to adopt it because through this we get growth and progress in life but we should not dedicate ourselves to the temptation of competition that all other important things start ignoring.

    Many times people compete behind their own progress and keep running without setting any limit and do not even see that family, friends, relationships everyone leaves behind in their race. Go with the competition but do not forget your people because the celebration of victory is celebrated with your loved ones not alone.
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    When it comes to competition there must be total seriousness and target bound to achieve the success because if we give more time to the known people and relative prior to competition they may misguide with their unwanted suggestion and we may even be made confused. For example if a person wants to compete as a sports person to be fame across the country, the aim must be to concentrate on the game . watch the opponent video and their overtures and plan how to beat them in the competition and such a far reaching thoughts would pave for good results for sure and there cannot be setback.
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