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    Shouting or screaming on an imaginary object.

    It is quite strange and also a little funny but sometimes it is suggested that if you are very angry with someone and you are not able to show your anger to that particular person, or you are compelled due to some reason then you can use this technology.

    In this, by making an object and imagine that the object in front is the same person and then you can shout at it. I once saw such a thing on TV as well. Nowadays a large section of the world is entangled with mental health problems more than physical health problems and in such a situation, many new methods and remedies keep originated, some of which are really effective and some are not, many times it also depends on person to person.

    Members, what do you think, can someone's mind calm down by shouting or screaming in front of an imaginary object like this? Share your thoughts.
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    Screaming or shouting in front of an object or image thinking of a person on whom we have neck brim anger is a weakness trait and there is no meaning it. The frustration and the anger must be on the face of the person who erred and who is supposed to be responsible for the wrong doing and by abusing in front he gets to know the great mistake he has done and he may try to change his behavior. But yelling in private and not knowing to the very person is something not likeable to me because we are running away from the very responsibility of correcting a person and there lies the catch.
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    Though I am not aware of such a process to calm the mind, the question is how long the mind will remain calm after following this particular process. If you are already compelled to suppress your anger then after some time the anger should go and in that case, I don't think one requires an object to shout at. I agree that mental health issues are increasing day by day and for that rather than following some tips which may help for the moment it is always better to look for a good and effective solution. Consulting a mental health professional may be a better idea because a professional can always guide people. Shouting at anything means the anger still persists which nobody needs. We need to manage the anger and if it can be managed effectively there is no need to shout at anyone or any object.

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    Sankalan you made a good submission that when the shouting is already suppressed the right kind of getting angered on seeing an object a rare chance.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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