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    Where your thought power would work well ?

    One of the famous Tamil musician when interviewed as how he could churn the new music notes which are not copied and own creation, he said that he would go to a forest and listen to the nature sounds and get a great cue through which he would modulate and extend further music notes required for the scene. For some of us wash rooms are best place to get some flash thoughts, and some regain good thoughts while sipping a coffee or tea. What about you ? For me close observation of anything would bring many new thoughts.
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    The author has rightly said that there is such an environment in the life of every person in which his power to think and ability to find new ideas seems to have increased and that place may be different or the same for everyone. Such a place for me is the terrace of my house, where I feel something new in my thoughts when I sit or walk alone. During this time, even though I see anything, in general, every day, but still, when I look at it alone, I feel some newness in it and at the same time, a series of new thoughts are formed in my mind.

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    Our thoughts are the image of our situations, surroundings, and circumstances. Sometimes routine thoughts would come but at times novel thoughts are also produced which sometimes even surprise us. Mostly, I get some thoughts while walking alone and try to remember them to convert them in a constructive piece of passage. I have a feeling that if our mind is calm and devoid of perturbations we might get good and positive thoughts and that would help us to generate creative output. It is said that good thoughts originate from good people and it could be a fact.
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    That is true. The ambience plays an important role in our performance. When we concentrate more we can get better thoughts. We can't concentrate always. We can do that only in some areas and during a particular time of the day. Generally, before I get up from my bed in the morning, I will have a peacefulness and the atmosphere is very calm. Then my mind starts very effectively and I get some good ideas. So I lie down on the bed for some time before getting up and spend some time thinking about the solutions for the issues I have in my mind. Another time is in the evenings when I spend some time on a walk also I get some solutions to the issues I have in my mind.
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    Our keen observation on things should get the right cue for the new ideas.
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    Anjan, a great Hindi movie lyricist was asked a question in an interview how he could write new lyrics. He said that as of three/four decades ago it was easy to write lyrics as they were asked to compose lyrics according to situation but in the modern age music is prepared first, then lyrics is written and then it is recorded and shot in the movie. Anjan firther said that he would have a light drink , would lit light light, play the music on, then engrossed in situation to write lyrics.
    Sometimes, when I have any issue to think over I just lay, close my eyes and think over the matter.

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