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    Do not declare retirement until death.

    Those who mistakenly think that livelihood is the only purpose of life are preparing for rest from the proposed 'retirement' day. If retirees are leaving life too quickly, it is because of a self-imposed passive attitude. Retirement age and the date of retirement must limit to the technical nature of the job. Retired life is the lazy definition of life. Those who are accustomed to doing only a job in a place will fall when that job ends. But those who travel in different directions will find new pastures. He will continue his activities till the end of his life.
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    I say, I am not in employment. I left job much before reaching the superannuation age. So it automatically comes to me to say 'when I resigned' or 'after I resigned'. Very rarely it comes in my tongue as retirement.

    When I was to talk on a retirement farewell meeting of a colleague, I told that it is not retirement, but ' re-tyre' ment. which means there is a second innings after ' retyring' the worn out tyres. My speech was very well appreciated.

    There is old literary word in Malayalm equivalent to retirement- 'Aduthoon'. I explained it as 'aduthu' 'Oon' which meant ' close dine'. I justified that retirement enabled people to eat meals sitting close with their family members and thus the word 'aduthoon' was apt instead of other words.

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    The author is right that there is no retirement unless there is a life. If we are under the impression that there is the end of our activities after the retirement of the services, it would be rather a wrong conclusion. I think there is practically no retirement from our activities till we are alive. In other words, we are absolutely fit in taking up any job of our choice after we complete our service from any organisation. We are free to take up any job of our liking and this will not create any stress because the same was chosen from our end. We should remain preoccupied with some activities or the other after our superannuation from the service.

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    What I found in most of the seniors is their formidable will power which testifies that they are not ready to accept the defeat and always in sync to achieve the target and success on their own by virtue of their whole lots of experience. The biggest take here that they need not consult anyone one and they can decide on the course of action and thus elders are the great performers and does not accept the retirement. Though the house members often insists that the seniors should take rest and recline in the easy chair but the elders does not want to take rest. Most of the elders love to shop, visit post office, visit bank for their own needs and even does not mind visiting the EB office to pay the electricity bills. And for those who has to go to office and does not find time to attend house hold work find elders most helpful.
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    This is a very inspiring piece of message that the author has tried to convey from this post. There is a wrong notion of the word retirement in the minds of many people especially those who are in service in private or Govt organisations. Those who are self employed they do not use this word as they continue their business till their physical and mental faculties allow them to do so. A person never actually retires from work as he gets retired from a job because of some regulations that at such an such age he will be asked to go home to make place for the younger generation. Unfortunately, many people interpret is as end of the active life and start sitting idle. This is an unfortunate situation.
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    I agree that there is no age of retirement. Although it is in practice that a person is given rest at the age of retirement (as per rules). A man should never give up. Having reached the age when he is retired from his service, he should not take retirement mentally , rather, it should be taken as switching to another role in life.
    Life is a struggle which is done at any cost in all circumstances - against all odds. Man never retires from his age until he is mentally retires. Although his health doesn't support him, yet being him mentally strong keeps him moving on and carrying out his responsibilities. Hopes never fade away until overpowered by dejection and disappointment. So, we should keep our hope alive as strong as ever.

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    According to my point of view , the practice in India of giving retirement at certain age is correct . There are various reasons to it , the study says that the enthusiasm and zeal of doing a job is at a certain age after that productivity goes down in any firm after that age the person does the work only for living . In the government jobs , govt. gives retirement at maximum 65 years of age , it is because at certain level person does not able to handle the pressure .He may have the experience of that job than any one else that's why government appoints them as the advisory bench but government does not give the direct work to them because it knows that they are not able to handle it properly with that effectiveness . The recent example is of the retirement of CEO of Amazon , he is there as the active body in the company but not as the CEO because he may feel the work pressure at the certain age so the work needs to divided to keep on his company . The another example is of MS Dhoni , he knows that at the certain age he will not be able to handle the team . BCCI can not always make him the captain of the Indian Cricket Team . So , the system is correct and we should not interfere in it as the world is moving at a speed which we can not even imagine , daily new inventions and many more . Where World need the enthusiasts young youth and bright minds .

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    Retirement from life is actually only on the date of death only. There is no retired life. The so-called retirement may be from a job you are doing. Even after retiring from the job you can do many things in your life. So we should feel that there is no retirement as long as we are on this earth. There are many activities you can undertake even in your old aged also.
    Actually, when we are young we may be busy in earning and we might not have enjoyed our life. Once you are out of that earning mood and you are out of the job, you can use that time with your family. Let us not worried that our life is over once we are retired. You are retired from a job but you can start a new job. If you have interest you can spend your time doing social service to the possible extent. Like that, we can keep ourselves busy and need not think that we have nothing to do.

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    A nice thread has been posted by the author. As long as there is life, there can be no retirement. When a person is so much devoted towards his office work or if he considers office life as life, then maybe he feels like this after retirement but if we see some housewives or even some men who do household works, we will see that there is no retirement age in their life and she is engaged in her level of life with the same passion for her family until another woman comes in her place. Retirement can be from work but never from life's responsibilities and life, the author is rightly told, do not declare yourself retired before dying.

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