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    Does washing your hair daily lift your mood ?

    I have seen others and even personally experienced that by washing the hair daily we get into good mood set and the whole day would be happening and going. While elders say daily washing of hair lead to loosening of strands and gives rise to hair fall. But hair washing is the style statement and we try to groom the hair style to new method so that it looks noticeable to others and also being attractive among others. What is your take on this matter ? Do you wash your hair only with water or use the shampoo or other Indian kitchen ingredients,
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    By habit daily taking head-bath and washing hair has set in my life. So if one day I cannot take bath, like when having fever or while long travelling in trains etc. then I feel something amiss and that is reflected in all that day's activity.
    Taking head bath gives me a refreshed feeling and even if lacking overnight sleep a full bath makes me feel refreshed.

    My mother was using Shikakai, gram flour, and other herbal items for hair washing and so I was also using them. But after moving away from native place, I was using the same bath soap for hair also and then shifted to hair shampoo as someone told me soap was harmful for hair.

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    Washing the hairs daily is not very common. Generally people take bath daily but head bath would be taken after 2-3 days. Some people just wet the hairs once a day and do not apply soap or shampoo daily because they fear that it would weaken the hairs. Some youngsters to present themselves good looking often shampoo their hairs before going to a party or get to gether. Generally soap or shampoo for hairs is sufficient even on a gap of 3-4 days. The main reason of getting better feelings after the head bath is probably the cooling of the brain.
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    Though we take our bath daily including the head wash with the normal water available to us but except the head wash with the water, we avoid any sort of treatment such cleaning the hairs with some available shampoos on regular basis is not done. We do believe that regular washing with shampoos weaken the roots of the hairs and as such the same is to be avoided for at least three days once it is applied. Application of almond oil or any oil as per liking of the user may be taken up only on the dry condition of the hair so that such applications does not weaken the root of the hair.

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    I have the habit of taking a head bath daily. But daily I will not use any shampoo for my head bath. I use hot water only. But if I have any cold or cough I may not go for a head bath but I will have a normal bath only. Once or twice a week, I use shampoo for washing the hair. In our childhood days, we were using soapnut juice for washing our hair. But slowly shampoos replaced soapnuts.
    In our house, we use hot water only for baths. Even in summer, we go for a hot water bath only. Once we had a bath with hot water we feel relaxed and we will have a pleasant mind. Somehow I am not very comfortable with a normal waterbath. Some people avoid taking bath when they are sick. But my habit is to take bath even though I am sick but I will not go for a head bath on such days.

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    It is not possible for me to wash my hair every day and it will probably be difficult for other girls who also have long hair. I wash my hair only thrice a week, and this is a long process because I used to give massage my hair before washing them so it takes time. Generally, I used any herbal shampoo, in my opinion, this would be the case for most girls. Men have short hair, so it becomes very easy for them to wash their hair every day. As the author told that washing your hair makes your mood lift and the day better, so I do not find much reality in this because women of my family are more calm and happy than men of my family and spend the day happily in good mood, whereas we do not wash our hairs every day. Yes, but it is possible that washing hair every day can feel cool when it is summer season.

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