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    Young boys are fearless

    Several neighbouring homes are locked or dilapidated where my home is located. In one of the locked homes, some monitor lizards have come from somewhere and residents of the area have seen several of them in the premises of the house. Women residents have seen cobra and other snakes also. All residents are worried about this new problem. People are giving their opinions on how to catch them. Some of the residents have talked to some people who are supposed to hunt these monitor lizards and snakes. A few persons have tried to hunt them but nobody has succeeded so far. Problem is that the main gate is also locked. Most of the residents are worried for their children lest these monitor lizards and snakes should bite them. But young boys play cricket in the open space or street and they hit the ball into the locked area and climb up the wall and jump inside the premises and bring the ball back. They have no fear of these reptiles who may be dangerous for them.
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    Pls read "Young boys are fearless"

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    It is a big problem in many places that the unoccupied houses especially at ground levels get infested by lizards, snakes and other reptiles. Animals have very strong smell and other senses and from that they can make out that no one is in the vicinity and they make that their home for shelter from the sun, rain, and predators. Any house left vacant by the owner can get that sort of the problem if in that area such animals are there. Once the house is occupied generally these animals will go away as they are also afraid of their lives. Children are generally not bothered for these things and consider all houses as same and will enter the premises even by jumping the walls or gates. Children do not think about the consequences in such details as considered by the adults.
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    I don't know whether the children are fearless or they are innocent. They may not be knowing that there are snakes and monitor lizards are there on that premises. Somebody should tell them the problem and problem then they may not take unnecessary risks.
    When the houses are locked for a long time and the open portion of the house is also not cleaned definitely some reptiles may gather there. So people should be careful while getting into such buildings. Once in our colony, a house that was under lock for more than 10 years was auctioned by the bank as the house owner was a defaulter and not paid the loan. A known friend of mine purchased the same.
    When he has opened the house for the first time, as soon as he opened the main door a big snake was seen in the wardrobe which was not having any doors. Immediately he came out and arranged for the people who can catch them and discard them.
    Young people should be warned not to take undue risks.

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    I agree with the fact that in such places where the house is either closed or empty in bad condition, these types of species often take their place of residence and due to this the people around them also face problems and dangers. As far as the youth are concerned, especially the boys, yes we can say that perhaps they are not afraid of this at this age and sometimes some boys also adopt such behavior to show themselves brave but it is a dangerous thing. The situation can be proved dangerous and it is better to keep the place around your house safe by filing a complaint from a related department.

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    When we do not know the impending danger, our behavior would be normal and others would be awe struck. For those young boys who does not know the reality of the place was just concentrating in playing cricket and does not know what is there inside the dilapidated building. For example there is a symmetry near the Secunderabad railway station and those cross the place at 12 midnight they either get caught by the unseen ghost or made to fall on the ground. But young boys proved that notion is wrong and they happily came walking through the place because they do not know the past.
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