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    We should not be credulous

    Some of us are highly naive and credulous. They believe in other people easily. Why do they settle trust in someone's promises or assurances, I think they are nice by heart and when they are good they see all people are also good.

    Should we trust other people or should we not? I don't know how you take these things. Sometimes, I find myself in a dilemma whether or not I should trust someone. Life has taught us great teachings on how to take these issues and how to cope with these people. Some people are highly dangerous for society as they create an aura of confidence and trust among the masses, and when they have successfully established themselves as trustworthy in the eyes of society they show their real character and deceive nice people.
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    We should not trust people easily. By believing people sometimes we may lose money and many other things also.
    In1996 I had a bitter experience. I changed my job in 1995 and I withdrew my PF amount from my previous account and started a new PF account in the new job.
    I and my wife wanted to go for a house and the PF amount can be used as our contribution and the remaining amount can be managed by a loan from a bank. My wife's relative stays in Kakinada of Andhra Pradesh. He talked to a builder in their town and I met the builder and paid him the advance. After taking that money the builder vanished and so far I never received my money back or the house. My wife's relative is also not talking and when I ask him he says he also doesn't know about his whereabouts.
    I learnt a costly lesson. We should not trust people even though they are from our relative circle.

    always confident

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    Whenever you need a money transaction with anyone else, you need to have double-checking whether such transactions are safe or not. This is even more essential if the same is of the higher amount exceeding Rs 20,000. We can see how they behave before taking money. They would give you a ring multiple times asking about your welfare and other family-related issues. In that way, they may take you in confidence. Once we offer some money as a loan, we may get an assurance of getting back money within a short interval but that never happens. Our money is hard-earned money and hence take every care to protect the same.

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    Some simple and gullible people believe in others and some crooked and evil people take advantage of it. These evil people will always be searching their prey with hawk eyes and attack them at an opportune time when the gullible are least expecting it. The problem with simple people is that they get deceived in their lives umpteen number of times and do not learn from the past events. The world is not as simple as it appears and everywhere there are people who have only one business and that is to make money by harming others. It is imperative that one must take care in protecting oneself from these predators.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Trusting others or not can be a choice as long as you do not need someone, but when the situation in your life becomes such that you need the support of another person, then you have to rely on someone at some point or the other. Well, now it is up to your experience and understanding that how much you trust a person. The advice of elders is that you should keep good thoughts in your mind for everyone, but do not trust anyone so much that no part of your life should remain only up to you, it means do not be an open book for anyone, trust but with caution, some talk only to yourself. It's wise to keep it.

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    The posting of author reveals the ignorance only. Many of do like this and got cheated as a set of people raises themselves purposively to cheat others. By knowing or unknowingly we fall in their net. I, though warning g others,got cheated by ordering a shoe and mobile phone through online. Relative or non relative is not the fact here but is our time -is my view.

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