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    Why 'Pegasus spyware' issue is rocking the parliament?

    Pegasus spyware is a technology weapon created by Israel to spy and get information from various kind of technological sources. It is selling this technological spyware only to governments or governmental agencies to carry out secret spy operations. This spyware reads SMS, emails, listen to calls, record keystrokes, access contacts, take screen shots, check browser history of their targets etc.

    Amnesty International claims that at present at least 1000 people from different strata of the society are under surveillance using Pegasus spyware. The credibility of its revelation is strong and very high. In a democratic country, keeping people under the purview of government surveillance is a black scar on democracy. Opposition parties have strongly condemned the unethical and undemocratic way that has been adopted to control the activities of opposition. Why Indian government is not saying it has not used Pegasus spyware? What is your firm opinion about this burning issue?
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    Has Amnesty International revealed its source yet?
    If not, then on what ground the credibility of its revelation is strong and very high?

    Further, the author has used the words,
    "Opposition parties have strongly condemned the unethical and undemocratic way that has been adopted to control the activities of opposition."

    I would want the author to know that we do not requires the certificates from opposition parties whose words and references are often being used by the Pakistan in UNO and in other international platforms in setting their agenda against our nation. And I still remember the questioning, doubt, and suspicion on the armed forces after Surgical strikes. And do I remind the author that RaGa once had to apologize to SC for his deliberated remarks on PM and Rafale deal.

    The fact of the matter is that Opposition parties have never been able to prove their basis and ground for conviction and this time too they will fail.

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    You can go through the link to know more-

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    Amnesty International is claiming that some person's phones are under surveillance. Is there any proof for that? What is the authentication for that? I read somewhere that the phone numbers of two BJP ministers also are there in the list. If BJP is involved in this why they will allow the phone numbers of their ministers also. We can't take this news as correct. Unnecessarily the parliament time will be wasted on this only. There are many other issues that require immediate attention.
    always confident

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    @ Ramakrishna Kambhampati
    The link you shared, the very first para of it mentions,
    "……………………may have been used to conduct surveillance on about 300 Indians………."

    And may I ask you what you draw from the above?

    In your main thread, you read,
    "Amnesty International claims…………………"

    But the link you shared mentions which meant something else.

    TOI including other news sharing media and platforms including the Opposition including Amnesty International are not the official agencies on behalf of either of Indian or Israel, but you trusted those against the present elected government and you yourself is in a better position and understanding of why you intended to do this.

    For your information, you were trying to present a real incidence and fact which was never a real or a fact.

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    Mr.Ved Prakash Anand, If you think what BJP party says is correct, what is the role of organisations that work for freedom and humanity, press and media? If we go through any editorial of Indian news papers, how grave this problem is? Serious issues like this have to debated or discussed to bring out the reality to people.

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    No governmental or private organization including NGO's and what and whomsoever having an impact on changing social behavior are free of political intrusions. Throw money at them and enjoy game but the important point is what your intelligence says and if this is biased then others can easily control your mind and body and then nobody will be help you.

    See what happened in the current thread.

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    The leaked list of prominent journalists under surveillance included The new Indian express, The Hindu, Hindustan Times, India Today, The wire, etc. The spyware entered into prominent personalities mobiles is an indication of its use? People all over the world, the press and media talking all over the world, and bringing out the realities of the issue. People simply saying nothing I am seeing and nothing is there- what does it mean?

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    Then why the media houses like the TOI bound to read,
    "……………………may have been used to conduct surveillance on about 300 Indians………."

    What does it show?

    To me this simply mean they lack confidence of its source but why lack of confidence?

    And because this is in news papers, people will surely talk about it.

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    There is some information in the media regarding the Pegasus Spyware and its use in spying some persons. Now which agency has installed this software in the devices of the people who are being monitored is a question to be investigated. If the spyware is doing it remotely then that is also a matter of concern. Another point is that how the people who are being monitored came to know about it. Just believing Amnesty International will not be proper until it is confirmed by the authentic sources. If Israel has developed this then IT exprts will find about it and we all will come to know about it soon and about the people who are being blamed to misuse this software. Until things are clear we cannot make affirmative statements. Let us forward or transmit the information exactly the way it is coming to us and should not change its wordings to create confusion. It would be better to be cautious like that till the clouds are removed.
    Knowledge is power.

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    The problem here is the government bought it for security of India from Pegasus spyware company of Israel. The company sells this technological weapon only to governments. The allegation here is the government is using it to spy most important persons to get clues of their thoughts and political planning. Media saying that that the government has even kept a spy on two of its own ministers for obvious reasons. When opposition questioned about this issue of surveillance, it is saying it won't harm the personal integrity of individuals but it is not confirming that it has not bought spyware technology. So it is raising lot of doubts of its misuse.

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    The Pegasus spyware issue has rocked world in general and India in particular to such an extent the the French government launched the probe. In fact I call for international probe on such issues as the spyware has targeted top head of the country across the world and what they are conversing during the course of day are being secretly recorded. In India two ministers and even Rahul Gandhi is in the list of spyware hacking. And these kind of concerted effort to malign the government when ever the Parliament session would start and that one issue would stop other bills and discussions without any discussions. One thing is sure the opposition would now cry found that Rahul Gandhi name is also involved. The international vested interests are spoiling the name of good government by Modi by raising such issues.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    According to a report of The New York Times "NSO charges a flat $500,000 (around Rs 3.7 crore) fee for installing Pegasus. It charges government agencies $650,000 (Rs 4.8 crore) to spy on 10 iPhones; $650,000 for 10 Android users; $500,000 for five BlackBerry users; or $300,000 for five Symbian users. One hundred additional targets will cost $800,000 (around Rs 5.9 crore), 50 extra targets cost $500,000, 20 extra will cost $250,000 (Rs 1.8 crore) and 10 extra costs $150,000 (Rs 1.1 crore)".

    Who has/had interest to install this expensive megasus spyware without any vested interest? As the government has clarified that It didn't have any role in installation of Pegasus spyware, then which forces are working against India? Does this issue need investigation? According to a report France has ordered to investigate this serious matter because names of many prominent people including P.M. is included in list. Some other countries like Saudi Arabia, U.A.E. Mexico etc are also facing this problem.

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    Now the latest buzz is that Israeli Minister is going to probe the spyware allegations across the globe as many leaders phones and their chats were tracked and hacked and that has become the serious issues. The heads of the government whose names were appeared are in a fix as important decisions and conversations are leaked and even pose the security threat. It is a private firm spyware that played havoc all these days and now that the secret is out International action on the company is for sure. As far as India is concerned we are having enemy countries around us and any secret information leaked to them would be disastrous to us and therefore we should also probe as to how far the spyware has affected our country. Nevertheless the grouping and coming together of International leaders on this issue must.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    ^ It is a serious issue to spy about privacy of a person. We should not depend on what Israel is doing in this regard or what any other country is taking step to find out what truth is or who is/are behind the curtain concerning this act of spying about prominent personalities of the world, rather, there should be an investigation that disclose which external forces are working against India. All doubts should be cleared. It is said that Prashant Kishore- the political analyst, Ashok Lavasa - the election commissioner, Mamta Banerji's nephew, Rahul Gandhi and some others with him etc were on target, even the woman and her family members who made allegations against Ranjan Gogoi was/were in this list. Who is/are behind this spying should be caught and known to the country.
    What you are doing on the internet, what videos you have on your mobile or laptop, what message you are sending, which movie you are watching -, your every activity is under the surveillance of that external force.

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    Amnesty International has claimed that its security lab performed forensic analysis of a number of mobile devices belonging to journalists and many other important persons and found that unlawful surveillance is going on by using the Pegasus spyware developed by the Israeli firm NSO. The NSO has claimed that it sells its software only to the governments. The Citizen Lab of Canada found that the methodology used by the Amnesty International Forensic Analysis to be sound.
    A long list of prominent people whose mobiles might have been hacked by the Pegasus software is also released. It includes many persons from India also. The Government of India should inform the nation whether it has performed any surveillance of the said mobiles or not. There is already a demand that the Supreme Court should take Suo moto cognizance of the matter. This is a very serious matter that should be looked into.

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    For those who are getting jittery over this revelation by Amnesty International, I would like them to say as to why this organisation should be interested in coming up with a piece of fake news in this connection? Can you say that they had randomly prepared a list of persons whose phones were purportedly spied upon? Let us, for the time being, accept the claims by the Centre that they had no role in this issue. If that be the case, who was behind this racket? Don't you think it is the central government's responsibility to investigate and find out? Can they just wash off their hands by simply saying that they don't know about it? Is spying upon the private telephones of political leaders, journalists, judges and other prominent personalities such a simple matter? I would like to categorically say that it is the responsibility of the centre to find out the brain behind the master plan if they sincerely believe that their hands are clean. We need to remember in this connection that Pegasus sells its software only to governments or governmental agencies. Israel has already constituted a committee to inquire into the issue that involves many countries.

    Ved Prakash, what are you trying to imply by this statement ' And do I remind the author that RaGa once had to apologize to SC for his deliberated remarks on PM and Rafale deal' @ 731081? If Rahul Gandhi had to apologise, it was not because he criticised the PM or the Government (please check out the recent Supreme Court rulings regarding 'anti-national' statements. Criticising the PM or the government is part of democracy and no one is above the law).

    Mohan, maligning the PM or the government and any criticism against the system being part of an international conspiracy is a slogan that has become stale. Let us not hang on to it.

    Dr Rao, just checking the names of the BJP ministers (before and after the reshuffle) whose names are included in the list and also connecing it to the inclusion of Karnataka MLAs in the Kumaraswamy government before it was toppled and also the latest revelation that Fadnavis and some of his MLAs in Maharashtra were under surveillance too should make it clear for any logically thinking person.

    I don't understand why the BJP or the government should take the issue personally. If they are not involved let them say that with conviction and order an inquiry at the appropriate level, preferably a judicial inquiry, and establish the truth. Why panic? Or is it that they want the opposition to concentrate on this issue only and disrupt the Parliament so that other issues about which the government is sceptical does not get sufficient time to be discussed? Politics is a dirty game and has become dirtier now and so let us not be political but logical and judicious while discussing these kind of issues.

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    @ Saji Ganesh
    RaGa apologized in connection with his deliberated remarks, "Chowkidar Chor Hai" made to PM and it was not meant in connection with criticism.

    Doing criticism and making claims are two different things. And in the current scenerio the other parties are not doing criticism but instead making claims which is not yet proved.

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    France has ordered an investigation in less than 24 hours after the report that French President Emmanuel Macron's personal telephone number is in the list believed to be a target for surveillance by the Pegasus spyware. Israel government has also set up a senior inter-ministerial team to look into the report of misuse of the Pegasus spyware developed and sold by an Israeli firm NSO. Why our government is not ordering an inquiry in this regard?

    A Public Interest Litigation is filed in the Supreme Court by an advocate Mr. M.L. Sharma seeking a court-monitored investigation into this matter. Hope an investigation will be ordered and the truth comes out.

    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    My view on this burning topic:
    (a) Amnesty International has no credibility left. It is totally anti-India. It never writes about human rights violation in Pakistan or in Bangladesh, but publishes reports after reports on imaginary and false cases in India.
    (b) Similarly, the credibility of The Wire, which submitted the theory of phone hacking using Pegasus is very doubtful. Same is the case of Washington Post.
    (c) Please remember that phone tapping/hacking charge has not been proved so far. It is only a charge against the Government by the anti-India forces. We must not take this as gospel truth.
    (d) The phone tapping existed even during the second World War. All the security agencies of all countries do this since time immemorial. This is to some extent necessary to tap anti-national activities.
    (e) In India, Nehru did surveillance to the family members of Subhas Bose. Indira did this during emergency. Even if the present charge is true, it is not unprecedented, as claimed by the media.
    (f) The only new thing is the alleged use of Pegasus, which is a very sophisticated technology. Technology improves over ages.

    We must remember that this is only a charge made by The Wire and Washington Post, infamous for anti-India activities.

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    Latest update:

    A few days after accusing the Israeli firm, the NSO Group, of providing a spyware 'Pegasus' to many governments across the globe, Amnesty International has now done a major somersault. According to a report published in Israel newspaper, Anmesty is now stating that they never claimed that the activists, journalists, politicians , whose phone numbers appeared in the list , were spied on.

    Thank u.

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    Appreciate you for your clear and concise briefing.

    In addition, I do not know when I have done nothing wrong, and the government is after me then why should I be afraid of?

    Members, witness how biased we are. Blindly we are registering our details to various social and commercial sites, and we do not raise any objection and when the same sites take advantage of us by using that information which we shared with them without asking the government then in that scenario too we blame our governments for weak laws and not doing enough for protection. And when the government is doing snooping of suspicious items to restrict the antinational and anti-social activities then again many of us are planning how to raise barricades against the government to stop them. Ha ha.

    The best example I may share would be that of CAA protest and of the ongoing supposed to be by few the farmers protest. Imagine if the snooping was not done than what would have been the scenario?

    For them they may be working smartly but for me it is something else.

    Now as we are approaching towards the end of this thread, few are busy finding topics and threads which according to them may feel go against the present regime. These are not at all creative thoughts.

    Criticism is fruitful when based on facts and when we really want to discuss but when this being used on some hypothetical basis for making someone down or cheap then this is distasteful.

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    Rwanda, it is not a somersault by Amnesty as you said. They are standing by what they said. The latest statement issued by them says that the list that has come out includes the names of the potential targets of the Pegasus software. I don't think anyone has ever claimed that the phones of all the people on the list were tapped. The conclusion was arrived at based on the results of the forensic verification that was done on a few phones that were submitted by some at the request of the group that took initiative to uncover the racket.

    If the Nehru government spied on the kin of Subash Chandra Bose, the purpose was different. It was not for any political gains. Similarly, by comparing the Emergency period to the present issue, are you saying that we are back there, though undeclared?

    Ved Prakash @ 738162, please get your facts correct. Rahul Gandhi apologised to the Supreme Court not for making the remark 'chowkidar chor hai' but for attributing the remark to the apex court which amounted to contempt of court. And, no one is claiming anything. The opposition is simply and logically demanding an investigation which is very much fair in the present situation. Why is the government hesitating to bring out facts?

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    @Saji Ganesh

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    Mr.Rwanda, Mr.Ved Prakash, The Amnesty International categorically press released a statement that it never turned back from its stance of what they have said earlier and in media there is mispropogonda against their organization.

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    As the days proceed we get to know about new development in their list of names that have been snooped so far and it is alarming that former CBI chief Alok and Anil Ambani names are also appearing. There seems to be greater work out and plan from outside the country to stall and prevent the center move to bring in more reforms in the recent past and the way the vested interests are working against the wishes of the strong government at the center proves that there is a larger handiwork of cooperation and coordination from the inputs given from our country and those who were working against this government names are appearing so that the efforts of government to bring in new reforms can be once again stalled. We have to wait and see as to how far the investigations would prove the fact.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Sirs, Amnesty has now said it never claimed leaked phone numbers were of NSO Pegasus Spyware list. It has claimed that the list was indicative of the interests of NSO Group's clients. The list of potential targets includes the names of around 300 Indians.

    But I fail to understand the meaning of 'potential targets'. Are/Were their phones hacked or not?

    The Amnesty, The Wire and the Washington Post must clearly spell the answer. What do they want to convey and why are they instigating common Indians if there was no hacking?

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    Amnesty International has claimed that its technical lab has conducted a forensic examination of 67 phones that are on the list. Further, it claimed that the lab analysis found evidence of attempted or successful hacking by the Pegasus spyware. The NSO Group claims that it sells the spyware only to governments or the agencies permitted by the government. The Wire claims that the presence of Pegasus infection on the phones of some persons in India gives doubt that this spyware is used by some official agencies in India.

    The Government has rejected the demand for an investigation into this affair. The Government can order a probe and set all doubts at rest, but it is not ready to do so.

    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    Ved Prakash, please read my response at #738184 and then go through the links you have provided. Didn't I say the same thing? The apology was not for the remark but for wrongfully attributing the same to the court. Hope you got it now.

    To all those who are supporting the government, please tell me why the government is hesitant to order an inquiry so that the truth is brought out. Does the reluctance indicate something or at least cast a doubt?

    'Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power'. -Lao Tzu

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    Let us, only for argument's sake, assume that the Government is tracking the phones of some influential people. This is generally being done to safeguard the country's security interests. As I have already stated, this is a known practice all over the world including India in the Nehru-Indira era. Even now, at least forty countries are using Pegasus technology.

    If that is the case, no sane person should even think of open enquiry in this regard with details being revealed to all. I hope all of us have common sense to understand this.

    Further, we must not forget that when India-China tension was at its peak, an important opposition leader had secret meetings with the Chinese Ambassador in India. We must not allow ourselves to forget such activities so easily and early.

    Thank u.

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    'To safeguard country's security interests'? Please pick up at least one person from the list who can be declared as a threat to national security. The names in the list clearly point towards political interests and let us not try to divert the point. As I have mentioned in my earlier response, the list of potential targets clearly exposes certain vested interests and it is for the government to prove that they were not involved, directly or indirectly.

    Regarding Rahul Gandhi meeting the Chinese ambassador, the Congress has already said that it was a courtesy call and also has said that the Congress Vice-President had met other envoys also including the envoy of Bhutan among others. If that be the case, what about the Prime Minister calling upon the Chinese premier at a time when the border was tensed and despite the fact that China had categorically stated that a meeting cannot be held due to the standoff. So, that is not actually an issue.

    'Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power'. -Lao Tzu

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    If it is accepted for argument sake that the government is tracking the phones of some people, it clearly indicates that the government is misleadingthe parliament and the public. Trying to support that the same action was done by previous governments is lame and shows the escapism of the government. If other countries are also doing the same, they are not following the democratic norms.
    Opposition leaders meet dignitaries of other countries and they also try to meet the opposition leaders of the country they are visiting.

    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    @Saji Ganesh

    Ok. I agree I mistaken the quote "chowkidar chor hai"of RaGa in connection with his apology.

    But then do not he is always making claims based on some assumptions which never found out to be true. Be it the,
    1. Doklam standoff.
    2. CAA & NRC.
    3. Surgical strikes.
    4. Rafale deal.

    And all the political parties were united then.

    And I remember when he misquoted Mr. Manohar Parrikar on Rafale and Mr. Manohar Parrikar then bound to revert Raga,
    "…….. In the 05 minutes you spent with me, neither did you mention anything about Rafale, nor did we discuss anything about/related to it. Nothing whatsoever about Rafale was even mentioned in your meeting with me. "

    I do not get a sure reason to believe any of them or any of the opposition parties. I know their propaganda which are misleading away the actual facts.

    @ KVRR / #738213,

    "...... and shows the escapism of the government."

    And we all know what happened in Parliament by the TMC Minister yesterday when IT Minister stood for clarifications on snooping.

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    Ved Prakash, I think it would be better if we stick to the topic of discussion.
    'Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power'. -Lao Tzu

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    If we have to work on facts and hypothetical presumptions, then instances will surely move accordingly. It is in accordance with this thread and in support of what I have already said earlier.

    And in this connection, I would want RaGa to lead this and submit his mobile to the investigative agency for thorough check-up because he is one of the listed political leaders according to Amnesty International for under surveillance using Pegasus spyware. But why he is not doing so and delaying the investigation and even more what he is afraid of?

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    "If it is accepted for argument sake that the government is tracking the phones of some people, it clearly indicates that the government is misleadingthe parliament and the public. "

    The Government has not admitted anything. I said this for the sake of argument.

    We must not twist facts to establish our points.

    Further, spying (surveillance) is the second oldest profession. Surveillance is being done since time immemorial. Only technology changes over time. Pegasus is only a new technology for surveillance.

    All of us know these basic facts. Some of us argue assuming others don't know the basic facts.

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    Facts are not twisted. It is accepted by you for argument sake the government is tracking some influential people. In the same context, I said that the government is misleading the Parliament and public. The IT Minister said in the Parliament that the report is to malign the Indian Democracy. For argument sake, assuming the Amnesty International report to be true, the statement of the minister is definitely misleading. Spying fulltime the journalists, opposition leaders, Election Commission member who differed with other members, an Ex CBI boss and someothers cannot be for national security or control terrorism. If the report is true, it must be with a political agenda.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    Nothing is final yet.

    Amnesty International continues with their stand and the Central government has not yet accepted the allegations. It would be interesting to observe the upcoming events.

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    Sane observation at last.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    "Spying fulltime the journalists, opposition leaders, Election Commission member who differed with other members, an Ex CBI boss and someothers cannot be for national security or control terrorism. "

    Kindly help me to understand clearly. Were they 'potential targets' or were they actually being spied upon?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Rwanda, to know whether the phones of the people named in the list were actually tapped, there has to be a proper investigation which will include subjecting the telephones of all these people for a forensic check. I am sure that the list will include some numbers that have been included to mislead.

    Let us, for the time being, leave all other names aside and just concentrate on the name of the lady staff in the Supreme Court who had raised an allegation against the then Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi. Why and how did her number appear on the list? Just check the list of cases that were being handled by Justice Gogoi at that time and you will realize the purpose behind the purchase and use of Pegasus software.

    Terrorism and anti-nationalism, apart from the Hindutva slogan, have always been used by this government as a trump card. But I don't think it is going to bear any fruit in this case because the list is clearly indicative of the political intentions.

    'Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power'. -Lao Tzu

  • #738281

    Most probably I am repeatedly unable to explain my points.

    Political surveillance exists all over the world. No Government admits this. The surveillance takes place on the ground of national security everywhere. Then how and why do you expect that the Indian Government would admit political surveillance?

    As this is very high-tech and completely new technology, how do you expect a Parliamentary Committee/Judicial Committee/Citizens' Committee (what is it?) would be able to unearth the truth? I have full respect for the Parliamentary Committee and Judicial Committee, but the digital footprint in such cases would be very difficult to follow.

    Now l am going to respond to the previous comment. The respected member has stated: "Let us, for the time being, leave all other names aside and just concentrate on the name of the lady staff in the Supreme Court" : Isn't it possible that her name has been included 'to mislead'?

    The member has also said: "Terrorism and anti-nationalism, apart from the Hindutva slogan, have always been used by this government as a trump card. But I don't think it is going to bear any fruit in this case …": What is Hindutva? How is it pertinent here?

    Also, I have benignly noted your prediction that it is not 'going to bear any fruit in this case'.

    Let us all wait for the outcome of the issue.

    Thank u.

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    I wonder why RaGa not keen on submitting his mobile to forensic investigation in order to prove his facts. He is the only leadership as of now who caims before the whole media that software is installed in his mobile as well for snooping. I know he is fooling the people around but still on a lighter note I request him to please do the needful and stop wasting nation's valuable time.

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    Instead of worrying about the so called software which is targeting various top leaders and journos of the world , there is urgent need to intercept and destroy the spyware.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The opposition parties are trying to corner the government on pegasus spyware issue but the government has rejected the proposal to get this case investigated by any independent agency or commjission constituted by the Supreme Court or joint parliamentary committee.
    Ruling party is strong at centre and it can't be bow down by the united opposition parties. Now the news is coming from West Bengal that C.M. Mamta Banerji has constituted a tie retired judges committee to investigate this case and unearth the real culprits who are interfering into internal matter of the country. It is said that her nephew and other TMC leaders were under surveillance.

  • #739480
    It will continue to rock the parliament until the government issues a firm statement about the matter. The opposition will always raise an issue when there is some allegation or news from a source, no matter whether the source is authentic or not. The politics nowadays is done on allegations, counter-allegations, mudslinging against each other, etc because that's the way a large section of people follow when it comes to protest or raise an issue. It has become our general trend. The parliament is there to discuss many issues and instead, the parliamentarians remain busy showing their might. Let's not make it an affair between the government and the opposition because it doesn't matter who is in the hot seat they all behave in the same fashion during their turns. The depravity in politics is the main reason behind all such things and no workable solution is visible until the top court intervenes.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Don't you think the very fact that the government is reluctant to order any kind of investigation, in this case, casts a doubt on the government? What is preventing them from trying to bring out the truth? There is no point in blaming the opposition. It needs to be noted that the strong stand taken by the opposition has indeed put the government on the defensive. Mamta Banerjee's decision to constitute a judicial committee to inquire into the issue will surely make the position of the centre worse.
    'Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power'. -Lao Tzu

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    Most humbly and respectfully, I want to submit the following:-

    1. "Mamta Banerjee's decision to constitute a judicial committee to inquire into the issue will surely make the position of the centre worse."------The great woman (Mamata Banerjee, not 'Mamta') has again ridiculed herself by constituting an inquiry commission on an issue on which the state governments have no jurisdiction. Kindly refer to the Constitution of India, Seventh Schedule, List 1 (Union List), Item No. 31. Posts and telegraphs, telephones, wireless, broadcasting and other like forms of communication come under the Union List. So, the commission constituted by the Government of West Bengal would not be able to do much in this matter. I am saying this with all due respect to the members of the commission.

    2. Considering the highly sophisticated and most modern technology used by Pegasus, it would be almost impossible for anyone who is not a top-level expert in this field, to find out anything in this regard.

    3. In all probability, this artificial issue would go fiz....z..z...z with the passage of time.

    Thank u.

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    Though the centre is not bound to accept the findings/ report of a committee constituted under the Commission of Enquiry Act, 1952, the enquiry/ report will very much be legally valid. The twist is that the centre will have to clarify as to why it will not accept the findings and for that they will have to spell out reasons that are legally viable.
    'Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power'. -Lao Tzu

  • #739529
    The game is wide open and every party is playing its role in this game. C.M. of West Bengal has taken initiative to have constituted an enquiry committee to find out the truth. Every action and words of politicians have a long lasting impact and deep meanings respectively. Yesterday we came to know about this committee and today the same C.M. has an appointment to meet P.M. in Delhi. Why?
    - She has big problems being created by the top brass of bjp.(TMC is making this allegation)
    - How the governor is playing his role against the state government is not hidden. (TMC is making allegation)
    - She is not an MLA and she has to contest the election and has to win her seat to remain as C.M., else she will have to go.

  • #739539
    The Seventh Schedule to the Constitution of India clearly specifies the allocation of powers and functions between Union and State governments.. It contains three lists Union List, State List, and Concurrent List. Posts and telegraphs, telephones, wireless, broadcasting and other like forms of communication come under the Union List as mentioned by the member.
    The Chief Minister of West Bengal, Ms. Mamata has set up an inquiry commission which includes retired Supreme Court Judge Madan B. Lokur and former Chief Justice of the Calcutta High Court Jyotirmoy Bhattacharya. This Commission will look into the allegations of snooping on politicians, activists and journalists using the Israeli spyware Pegasus. The scope of the Commission does not come under the Union subject. The West Bengal Government has every right to inquire snooping of its people which violates the fundamental right of the citizen.

    " Be Good and Do Good "

  • #739556
    I am much ridiculed by the steps taken by the opposition parties, and few including some of ISC members even believes the opposition has brought the Center on back foot. Do you really believe PM Modi is that of some lower caliber & stature?

    Like time, the strategies must change but the opposition parties as well as the supportive print and digital media houses are still adopting the things which were effective during 1990s or early of 2000. Now there is no one news channel and we do not have to wait for any prime time but we have social networking platforms who are doing this job much efficiently.

    So, keep them do what they are doing. The world watched how one TMC MLA snatched the paper from IT Minister and torn to pieces and the leader of TMC, Mamata Banarjee, to constitute a judicial committee to inquire into the issue. Hypocrisy at its best.

    The mob who do not have the caliber and the guts to discuss the topic on the floor are said to kept the Center on backfoot.

    I cannot stop laughing.

    But do not worry they are more exposed.

  • #739591
    Bottom line is whether or not we agree that there should be a free and fair enquiry in this matter so that all external forces that are working against India might be exposed.

  • #739598
    @Arafatuzzafar / #739591,

    I appreciate your say and If may I add,

    "including all internal forces as well that are working against India must be exposed"

  • #739599
    Yes, Ved Prakash, all internal forces too that are working against India. Let me give a thrust to "India" because it has a different meaning and connotation as has been explained by the Apex court in a recent judgement that had said that anything that is said against the centre or the PM cannot be directly construed to be against the nation.

    Let us not discuss the stature or calibre of our PM here. Let him make a specific and clear statement in the Parliament and order a judicial inquiry and prove that he has nothing to hide. Why sweat?

    'Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power'. -Lao Tzu

  • #739606
    Sometimes I wonder why the opposition parties and the associated media partners are so allergic to few of the entities in India. I would restrict this to PM Modi here. We witnessed the hue and cry of the opposition parties and the associated media partners on Rafale deal and on 14 December 2018 the Supreme Court upheld the Rafale deal, stating that no irregularities or corruption have been found.

    If some are stick to,
    "Let us not discuss the stature or calibre of our PM here. Let him make a specific and clear statement in the Parliament and order a judicial inquiry and prove that he has nothing to hide. Why sweat?"

    Then I would like to stick on my say and would reiterate my comment here, #738308,
    "I wonder why RaGa not keen on submitting his mobile to forensic investigation in order to prove his facts. He is the only leadership as of now who claims before the whole media that software is installed in his mobile as well for snooping."

    Why sweat why running away?

    By the way PM Modi has much important jobs to do and we will come to know about this occasionally.

  • #739608
    This thread got 56 submissions including this, but can anyone show us its worth? We continue to discuss on something but where are the facts to prove?

    This is what few are always busy with.

    I am done here.

  • #739609
    Ved Prakash, now that is what I call being smart. Having gone through the thread and having pitched in your views, you are now questioning the worth of this discussion?

    All of us know that facts are yet to be proved but what is wrong in sharing our views based on the available reports? None of us is saying that it is the centre that is behind this phone tapping. But at the same time, keeping the background of Pegasus and also the traits of the centre in mind, what is wrong in doubting the involvement of the centre in this issue? It is for the centre to prove otherwise and also to bring to books the ones who are involved.

    And regarding Rahul presenting his mobile for forensic test, why should he do so before the centre commits itself to conduct a proper inquiry, I am sure he will do it if asked by an authorized investigating agency. Otherwise, let the PM or a responsible minister of his cabinet ask Rahul to send it for investigation. Why aren't they doing it? We all know!

    'Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power'. -Lao Tzu

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