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    Diversity and contradictions are the backgrounds of durable and enduring life.

    How lifeless and unbearable the world would be if all people were the same. Enemies can sometimes do even good deeds that their allies could not do. They are our enemies who often find our weakness and remind us. Similarly, many warnings are given by opponents. The truth is that we often try to see them as a threat to us. It may be possible with some aggression to keep someone away. But it takes patience and courage to keep someone close to us. Some are unable to become anything because they have replaced all those who are not ready to accept them. Those who are able to receive the uninvited will be like the ocean, and those who are not will be like half-flow and dried-up streams. Of course, the diversity and contradictions determine the security and durability of life.
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    All people in this world are not the same. Every person will have his own way. We can't see two people who are the same in all aspects. That is the beauty of this creation. We will be always having an eye on our enemy. We try to watch them and their plans. But we will never do the same with our friends. A wise enemy will make us wise. We will be always watching his moments and trying to counter them. So we will be always active. It requires a lot of patience and understanding to convert our enemies also as our friends. Some people will never have any enemies. This may be due to their patience and skill in attracting the people with their grace and good work. We should be able to accept the good qualities in others and ignore their other qualities. That will make us universal receivers and we will have many friends but no enemies.
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    A piece of nice advice is given by the author. The theory has been given by a scientist, that two elements with similar properties cannot coexist at the same time, perhaps the same principle is also applicable for mental life and hence God has filled this world with diversity. Diversity is everywhere, in plants, in animals, in humans, the only difference is that all other classes are connected with each other by adopting that diversity, but it becomes difficult for the human class because it makes the mistake of considering itself the best. seems to do. We will have no existence if we do not adopt this diversity, because life is interconnected. We should increase the scope of our thinking and adopt people with their qualities. There is a big world and we all have our own values that make our nature but it does not mean that we think ourselves superior to others.

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    I understand how the life would be if we had no diversity. It is beauty of this life that has different aspects- enmit and friendship, love and hatred etc all positive and negative aspects make this life meaningful and each quality and traits of humans are evaluated accordingly. Sometimes, we may learn some good lessons from activities or opposition of our enemies but every time it doesnot happen, if they are considered great source of teachings then friends and their support will become meaningless.
    We are common people. Our hearts are not so big to forgive our enemies unless our enemies are stronger than us. Irony is that if we are stronger than our enemy we forget all good suggestions and statements of Plato and Socrates and we take revenge against our enemies but if we are weaker then we become followers of Gandhiji. We need to get ourselves reformed and become good humans who is considerate and humane to all regardless of who they are and what they are.

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