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    Is it wise for railways to restart Passanger trains despite the WHO warning of 3rd wave?

    WHO already warned that the 3rd wave of Covid is at our doorstep. We have seen how devasting is the second wave and how it harmed our lives. Many of our relatives, neighbor's suffered severely and even some of the last of their lives. As the 2nd wave slowly easing out, governments started allowing cinema theaters, gyms, and public gathering places. Now railways announced that they restarting 66 popular passenger trains and 12 expresses. We all know that passenger trains are mostly used by poor people. They never care about wearing masks and social distancing as the crowds are more in such trains. Is it wise for railways to announce a restart of passenger trains despite the 3rd wave probability by WHO? What is your opinion about this issue?
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    Trains with limited passengers while following the SOP's can be allowed. Complete restriction is also not the solution, people have suffered enough economically and lost precious lives. It is encouraging to allow some movement with limited seats. And it is also the fact that covid is still around the corner and the third wave seems imminent as per WHO's predictions, authorities should allow only essential services to beat the virus completely. I think cinema theatres, gardens/parks can wait, public gatherings must not be allowed to contain the virus but essential services should be allowed and emergency cases. Govt should also provide some monetary benefits to the poor and needy people as they have suffered immensely and govt is accountable to them. It may be difficult for some but people's lives are more important right now.

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    Probably railways got the cue that 60 percent of the Indians are having good immunity power and they may not contract the virus and by keeping the trains shut the Railways are running into loss and how it can pay salaries to the employees. Railways has the commitment to serve the people and taken the risk of starting the train services. While the buses and airplanes have started the operations , there was no hue and cry and why the people are now venting ire at the Railways for taking risk as there is impending danger of having a third wave. One thing is sure , many employees are very much dependent on the train services as they are commuting for long distances daily. Railway wants to say indirectly that let the people mend their own ways of following covid protocols and safe distancing for which it need not stop services.
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    Third wave of coronavirus is about to appear around us, how much preparation we have made to fight against the deadly virus should be analysed. If we have taken all precautions and if our preparations are correct then we don't need to worry about third wave.
    Trains with reserved compartments have no problem to get resumed but passenger trains are not safe to start. Mainly, poor people travel in passenger trains and how they pack the compartment is not hidden from us. If these passenger train service is resumed people will rush to railway stations and then railway department or health department can't stop virus spread among these passengers.

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    This is true that covid 19 third wave is already showing its effect in many places and this is the time when we should again be more and more careful for the safety but at the same time as it is already declared that one country can not stop economy for a long time so whether it's about transportation or offices or anything else, will be starting some or another day, but definitely, we should follow all the protocols and government also apply these protocols with strictly. What we can do is that we should take our responsibility into our own hands.

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    It is better to postpone running trains for some more time. This is my personal information. Even though they run some trains the capacity should be reduced to 50%. No unreserved passengers should be allowed. No food selling in the compartments. If possible they can supply PP kits also. By taking these precautions they can run the trains. If it is necessary only people must travel.
    How the governments are permitting Cinema halls is a big question these days. Even though the halls are opened we should not go and view movies there. Third-wave is threatening all of us. So we should take all precautions on our own. Trains may be running but there is no rule that we have to travel. Cinema halls may be opened but we need not go to view them.
    All protocols of COVID 19 are to be followed. Vaccinated persons also should use masks and one should follow all other precautions during that season so that we will be safe during the third wave.

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