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    Not only the result but also the way you work matters.

    When two people are given the same task, a sense of comparison naturally arises and both try to prove themselves better than the other in that work. When our focus is only on the result, then we do not pay attention to other things during the work. Suppose someone is given the task of making a dish, then not only the taste of the dish can decide who is the better cook, but during the whole process, keeping in mind the cleanliness of the kitchen, the cleanliness of the hands, the time and the available means are also matters. The one who gives a good result keeping all parameters in mind will be the best cook. That is, not only motivate yourself to finish the work but try to reach the goal in a proper and right way.
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    That is true. It always matters how you did it. Getting good results is always a nice thing to happen and how you made that result is also very important. Many people try to complete the work fast without giving importance to the minute details. But they may not get the maximum benefit out of it. But people who take care of all the minute details also and make a plan and execute the same will definitely have an edge over other people. Before attempting the work we should also know our skills and how we can deploy those skills to get the best result.
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    In a company especially the customer care is the back bone of the organization where in the orders are processed, made and delivered to the right customers and after sales service is the zenith of any organization as the blame game would start from the non attending of complaints in time. Now a days the customers are having social media in their palm and they have every right to say wrong about the treatment meted out by the company and that would be more damaging if the arguments and the complaints get escalated to next level. Therefore some companies are also keeping aside a sum of rupees as the loss on product returns and therefore the complaints are now being accepted gladly and even the replacements are made new. So the way you work without flaws complaints from the customers prove that you are right.
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    Every work has a process and if you follow the correct process there is always a high chance of getting the desired outcome. While most of the time we look for the output it is also important to follow the process. For example, when in a hurry students may solve a complex equation wrongly but the ultimate result may turn out to be the correct one and if the student is marked just on the basis of the answer to the equation then the correct procedure of marking is not followed. Here two wrongs are made one by the student to solve the equation in the wrong way and another by the examiner to mark the student wrongly based on the answer. In both of these cases, the judgement was made based on the desired outcome but both are completely wrong. So, along with the output it is also important to know how you are obtaining the output.

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    I agree with the author when a task is given to someone he should perform it as he is expected to do. Achieving the goal is the main purpose of this activity which a person performs and follows the prescribed procedure of the company he is working in. If he does not perform as. per the rules, regulations and prescribed procedure of his company, he may be given show cause notice despite completing his task. The third eye of his senior or supervisor or manager is always on him. The author has given an example of a cook who prepares delicious dishes in the kitchen of any hotel. He needs to take care of cleanliness also. Although it is merely an example given by the author I am. sure she has never seen a kitchen of any stars- graded hotel. They are taught the right procedure of cooking as well as keeping cleanliness and hygienic ambience. If they fail to do so they may be fired.

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