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    Crying is a normal reaction.

    My brother used to cry over something in his childhood, so my great-grandmother who was alive at that time always used to tell him, don't cry like a girl, and I always used to question, why do you say so, whether only girls cry. Then I did not get the answer, but after growing up, I myself understood that feelings are the same in everyone but most of the men do not want to show themselves weak by crying, because maybe they know that they are the strength of the family and perhaps their crying will make everyone else weaker. But crying is a normal reaction that is ordered by the human brain, so sometimes it is understandable to go against it, but always doing so can have its side effects, after all, why do we consider crying as a sign of weakness, Isn't it necessary to change this thinking here?
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    Crying is an outburst of emotions. It may happen in men as well as women also. But the threshold limits may be different from person to person. Generally, the threshold limits of men may be on the higher side and hence they may not cry very easily.
    But suppressing our emotions and trying to hold them tight is not good for our health. It will have many side effects on our health. We will become weaker mentally. So it is better to vent out them in the form of crying. If you don't want to do that in presence of all, go to a private place and cry there so that you will not face any health problems afterwards.

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    A person cries when he undergoes some painful experience and can't bear it. This is the case for both children, young and old alike when anyone goes through unbearable pain, one starts crying, but in a normal situation, we expect crying from children who are naughty and demand things that may not be good for them. And young and old also, at times, cry when they feel high in their emotions due to the loss of dear one's. Whether in a normal situation or at a time when a person goes through some painful experience; crying is expected and it can't be taken as a degrading thing but it may feel bad to the ears and annoying especially when children don't stop crying!

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    Crying is the spontaneous reaction one can vent instantly to convey dismay, disagreement and non acceptance or even seeking some demand at one. The children are pampered a lot from the early age and they know that by indulging in crying the parents would oblige the things they want. And that annoying sound of children are always a botheration to elders present at home and they would prevail upon the parents to agree to the child. This leverage would make the child more tricky and he knows that little crying or crying like acting would make the things done and sure for granted. Even the outsiders on hearing the child crying would interfere in the affairs voluntarily and that is the nature of many. So next time when a child cries it is not the habit but the ulterior motive to grab something through this trick.
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    when we see that someone is crying, we are fully focused on him/her to know the reason for his/her crying. As it is understood that nobody cries unless his/her pain is unbearable or he/she must be an emotional creature. A man is stronger than a woman. It does not mean that women are weak, rather, they are stronger in several secrets. It is said that woman starts crying whenever situations go out of hand.
    Children cry a lot and create headaches for all family members and nobody can stop them from crying. Some children start crying after midnight and their crying disturbs all.

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    Whether the crying of children is unbearable and whether it bothers adults is not an issue in the author's post. I understand that there are only two important questions that the author raises about crying.
    1. Why do we consider crying a sign of weakness? and
    2. Isn't it necessary to change this thinking here?
    Crying is considered by many to be a sign of weakness. My personal opinion is that cry should not be seen as a weakness. No matter how strong, a friendly person will cry when he sees the grief of others. Often those cries are not loud. In such circumstances, one does not have a single sigh in their mind or do not have even a drop of tears in their eyes (without the help of onion or glycerin) cannot be added to the human race. Loud crying may be seen as an emotional outburst of the mind to deal with the situation. Such crying often comes out only in a heartbreaking incident.
    At the age of speechlessness, children often cry to express their hunger to others or express their physical discomfort. Those who find it annoying fall into the category I mentioned earlier. Cry persistently in childhood is likely to be just a stressful tactic. That cry is for them to get what they thought then (whether it was right or wrong). It often gets beaten up and turns the empty cry into a cry of pain.
    Therefore, crying should not be seen as the only weakness of women. Such thoughts are baseless?.

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