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    Is bollywood losing its significance?

    Bollywood has always been a fan favourite since our childhood. Starting from padosan to anand, from Taare Zameen par to Burfi, we have always been obsessing about those, the songs of these movies are still on our favourite list. Actors such as Rishi Kapoor, Shahrukh Khan, Sridevi to Madhuri have given memorable hits that we can actually binge watch them.

    But lately, bollywood has taken a downfall. Not only has the content degraded but the story as well as acting . Bollywood has given back to back flops, with vulgarity being their key feature and portraying women as a commodity. I think it's time people should choose what's best for them.

    Recently, webseries market has taken a surge, with great content and even greater actors with perfect acting, they have been successful in capturing the market. Now people tend to have a inclination towards these even more than tv shows and movies.

    What are your views? Is it time bollywood should learn from these OTT platforms or shall the consumers boycott and choose what's best for them?
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    Bollywood is going through a tough time due to so many reasons and it is also evident that they have to change themselves with the changing times and diversify in TV and internet domains in their own ways. Corona pandemic has jolted the film industry to a great extent and now they will have to depend on the other options than that of showing the film in theatres. Let us see how they are going to maintain their popularity in the masses.
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    What I feel that Bollywood film makers are running out new idea and they are ready to copy movies down the south and remake them to their taste there by undermining the original film. As said by the author the Bollywood has been portraying the heroines and even side actors as the commodity and they have to sparingly use the clothes as the producers claim that they need to agree for such scenes to the demand front bench audience. Gone are the days when film companies like Rajashri productions would make family entertainer and the whole family used to go for the cinema. Now except for the boy friends and girl friends movies are not visited by the elders. Moreover the pandemic has made the Bollywood run for money and big budget films cannot be imagined or thought over and thus losing the sheen.
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    Fjrst, coronavirus has been disturbing Bollywood for almost two years. Movie makers and distributers have suffered big financial loss. Now high budgeted movies are made and people do not come to cinema halls ss they would come in past. I think quality level of movies never comes down. They don't tolerate poor quality of movies, not only film makers but also audience. I agree with the author that woman has become like a commodity. It should be known to us that film industry is not a place of saints. Girls are ready to sell their services at any cost because they get billions of rupees for working in every movie. They can do anything for getting any movie.

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    The film industry is facing crisis due to the pandemic situation since last two years. This has almost shattered Bollywood industry. There was no option for the government but to close the cinema - halls under the present situation. However, it is expected that the situation will ease out within a couple of months. The film stars and producers should ensure that the quality films are released so as to deep impact of the same before the audience.
    We have seen many such films in the past like Tare Jamin Par, Lagam, Three Idiots etc which were liked by all regardless of age factors of the audience. Of late, we have seen some obscene scenes and such scenes are to be avoided keeping in view of its adverse effects on the mind of adolescent. There are many issues that can be dealt with effectively so that producers could provide us healthy entertainment.

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    These days most people are liking web series more than Bollywood films and for this reason, famous actors and actresses are also increasing interest in this direction. Due to the negative news coming about Bollywood for a long time, people's mind is also getting away from Bollywood. If we talk about youth, then their interest is more towards Hollywood because every person has some new content or story for entertainment and Bollywood has not been able to give any new offer from the past few times that will attract the public or the society, apart from that the availability of web series is also easier then a movie. Well, this period is a bit difficult for all the industries, maybe taking a lesson from it, we may get to see something new for entertainment in the coming time, after all, we can not deny that Bollywood still has great actors and actresses.

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    It is true that Bollywood is not doing well. Added to that COVID 19 also made a big impact on the industry. Many actors who did extremely well are now not doing many films. As mentioned by the author, they are depending more on exposing the ladies to attract the audience. But how long they will do it?
    The important people in the industry should think and make amendments to their way of understanding the audience. These days we are able to see many movies on OTT and people are not bothered about the language. I feel south Indian films are better than Bollywood movies these days. It is high time the big names in the industry there should think and act wisely.

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