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    If you agree to something else is that at the loss of you have to undergo?

    If we say yes or agree something else that may be compulsive approach towards us and we are not ready for the same nor planned. But having prevailed upon to accept the new order of agreeing, we are likely to loose something already approved and agreed upon. By the way who has the time to dig all those things what we said had the previous impact on our life and working , yet one has to probe and know how far the damage has done by agreeing to something new which was not in the card of acceptance. This is tricky situation we may face often and how you manage ?
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    We agree to what is agreeable and we accept what is acceptable to us and in this matter, nobody can compel us, even some powerful person may take us under duress to agree with him or to his planning though but as and when opportunities come to revolt or at least to open our mouth we will register our views. In some cases, it is also observed when people are obliged to concur to any unjustified thinking or ideology or policy or ruling, however, they are unwilling to concur the same but they have to do as they are directed.

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    One should agree to something only after assessing the situation and its implications. But if we agree to something without assessing these after-effects we will be the losers. Even though you or not interested also, if you agree to something due to external force also have to accept the after-effects. You can't say that you have done it because of external force.
    Sometimes we accept a particular deal but during the course of execution, we feel we have not assessed properly. In such a case you can try by placing your request and ask for an upper revision. If it is accepted well and good. If it is rejected also you have to go ahead and complete the task as you have agreed for the same.

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    If something is forced upon or agreed in duress the loss would be immense.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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