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    Do the introverts have upper hand in work from home experience ?

    The latest studies conducted by many companies which are allowing its staff to pursue work from home concept has stumbled upon the great find that those who are introverts have good work output and they perform more better than other employees as they feel more comfort without any disturbance from fellow employees and their output has upper hand than others. Do you also feel that those who are introvert can perform well in the given situation as they are least bothered about what is happening around and their concentration is total and achieving.
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    The author has raised a very interesting thread where he is curious to know the output of the introverts while working from home. Introverts are basically the people not having the inclination of meeting people unnecessarily and remain concerned with the jobs allocated to them. They would talk only when the situation demands to know their objectives related to their assigned jobs. If they are left alone to carry out the job and in fact for them remaining at home would rather prove boon for them in the sense that they are not getting disturbances of their colleagues while doing the jobs at home. The introverts can utilise their intelligence and experience in a better way to accomplish the allotted jobs. Being a mild talker, their entire energy is directed towards achieving the goal of the company with their excellent performance in their allotted jobs.

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    I have never noticed if an introvert may be proven a better employee than an extrovert. However, practically, it is possible, because an introvert does not spend his time with other people until he has to interact with them whereas an extrovert mingles with people and he can't stay alone contrary to an introvert. Work from home requires concentration on assignments or work of the day while sitting before the screen. An extrovert finds it very difficult to stay at a place without spending his time with his friends in contrast with an introvert who does not find it difficult for himself to spend his time while. sitting with his laptop.

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    A nice observational thread is given by the author. To some extent, it is possible that people who are introverts are feeling more comfortable working from home and maybe performing well, but still, if we talk about the productivity or quality of work, then it is due to the nature of the person. More is due to his dedication to his work. It is not necessary that every introvert should feel happy and comfortable by being locked inside the house, there is a difference between talking less to people and keeping yourself away from the world. This research may be correct in the case that people who are used to many other things or who are able to give good productivity only in the office environment, for the work from home can be difficult. Some people like their work and some are the office environment and it depends when a person is working from home how much he/she can adopt this environment as well.

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    Introverts don't talk to people unnecessarily and prefer silence most of the time unless it is necessary for them to express their viewpoints. Most companies allowed work from home opportunities for their employees could be a positive point for introverts as they dislike disturbance and unnecessary interference. They are more interested in their work in a peaceful atmosphere. Work from home opportunity can be better bid for an introvert than working in the office with other employees. It can boost the performance and reliability of his work than those who like mingling with people and don't mind disturbance.

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    They are the people who talk less and think in themselves only rather than talking and discussing with other people. Many times introverts try to be aloof and mind their job. Even in offices also they will not just go and talk with people without any need. They may like a calm and quiet atmosphere so that they can give their best. They may find the home atmosphere better as there are no people who can disturb them without any necessity. They can complete the work easily and their output may increase. But even in working from the home atmosphere, interaction with other people is required, and they should be able to convey their ideas and methodologies to other people during their online meetings and phone calls. If an introvert is not conveying his ideas and get the nod of other people, his work may not be appreciated.
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