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    Spoon-feeding is not the right way.

    There are many methods that can be used to teach someone something and often learning these methods also depend on the ability of the person you are teaching.

    Some people are fast learners and on the other hand with some people, we have to work harder, such people have to learn every little thing, many times people start spoon-feeding by adopting some methods.

    There is a limit to everything, so for some time it will be fine but if the learner gets used to it then he/she will have more problems in the future. After all, you can only teach or help someone to an extent, but after a certain point you have to give the responsibility to the person in front, so it is better to prepare it in advance.
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    Spoon feeding is required up to a particular age to the kid. After that spoon-feeding is not required. The teacher should see that the student can understand the lesson properly and he should confirm this by asking some questions. If somebody is not able to understand, he can explain to him one more time and ask him to refer to books and try to understand the subject. A primary school student may look for personalised guidance. But once the student gets into higher classes and college, he has to understand the subject by hearing from the teacher and then reading books. The student can consult the teacher if there is any doubt. Expecting ready-made answers from the teacher for all the questions and making them by heart may not be a way for perfection. Understanding the subject and applying it to the various application should be done by the student only.
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    Whether it is concerned to a child or adult, regular spoon feeding is not an adequate way of teaching or improving a person. He or she would become totally dependent and wait for the instructions of the people guiding him or her which is anyway not good for the personality development. It is said that a person will learn swimming fast if he is pushed in the waters rather than apprehending about it not going in the swimming pool until unless someone accompanies. One learns in faster mode only when one is left alone to struggle in this world. Independent thinking and hard work can only make a person successful and spoon feeding will simply spoil him.
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    The spoon-feeding approach is not a good way to learn things all the time. It makes the student dependent on the teachers and they do not make any effort to learn something new. If the teacher is absent for a day then there will be no learning for the day. The approach of the teacher should be such that the student develops an interest in the subject. There are teachers who provide good notes on a topic to the students and tell them that the note is sufficient for them to score marks in the examination. This makes the students dependent on the notes only and even if they do not understand a particular portion they just memorize it and reproduce the same during exams. Here they remember it till the exams and after that, they gradually forget. If the students develop enough interest in the subject they keep on searching for new information and asks for clarification from the teachers on various sections. The teachers should make them understand things clearly without depending too much on notes and that may change the approach of the students towards learning.

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    I don't know if spoon feeding is feasible in learning to higher classes students, however, for small children when they themselves depend for everything on their parents spoon-feeding in learning is relevant issue for them. But the method of teaching or helping in learning should help them out to generate self-confidence to solve all their potential and noumenal problems.

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    Spoon feeding is necessary to those who cannot grab the matters and issues to their stride and they need that extra effort to familiarize with as what happened and what will happen. Spoon feeding are important to those who have habit forgetting things and the memory loss is the great disadvantage. One thing is sure for every one we keep learning to a certain age and slowly grab the intricacies of life and from their our understanding of issues and matters would be formidable and decisive. There cannot be spoon feeding when the things are going right and no seeing back for performance.
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    The author here speaks of spoon feeding in the field of learning. But education needs the necessary essential feeding with which one can build the future. Many in the society see that someone is born with a golden spoon in their mouth. What should be said in their cases? The necessary spooning of a class of people who are very influential in society seems unusual to many. Many of us have seen many such friends in our school or college life. In their case, everything from studying to earning a living is done through spooning. They can also be identified by their mental or external behavior. So in my opinion human should be built without spooning. The success of the human name will be possible then. Thanks for the nice threat.
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