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    Can the temple of parliament be allowed record lies?

    Parliament is the place where all confidential activities of the whole country takes place. The decisions taken here through debates and discussions will be implemented in course
    of time. All the proceedings occurring in every minute of both the houses of parliament will be recorded and stored permanently. In this temple of parliament if lies are spoken and were not ratified and they got recorded means, it is a shame to parliamentary democracy. During the discussion of Covid pandemic, the health minister told that there are no deaths due to lack of oxygen in India during Covid 2nd wave. It is lie propagated by BJP to give great picture of India internationally? We all know how lack of oxygen in hospitals lead to the death of many innocent people? In Tirupathi Ruya hospital, 10 patients died due to lack of oxygen and the CM confirmed on the next day. Similarly, in Delhi, Karnataka and in many other states many people died due to lack of oxygen. Seeing this alarming situation our PM procured oxygen concentrators from different countries on warfooting. Many small countries even sent and donated oxygen concentrators to India. Why parliament was allowed to promote such lies? Without partiality to parties give your heartfelt opinion.
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    Telling lies in parliament is not good. We may be thinking that it is like a temple to us. But the people sitting in the parliament should also think in the same way and they should not tell lies. But this is not the practice. Many times many MPs and ministers tell lies only and they never think of ethics. This has become a practice for all politicians to tell lies. That is why a common man has lost interest in these activities. Many people do corrupt practices and they never agree about their corrupt practices.
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    There is some misunderstanding to the author in context to the incidence.

    Considering health as State concern, the Center had demanded a report from States on deaths due to lack of Oxygen and the States including Delhi responded to Center in negative, means no deaths due to lack of Oxygen.

    This is the end of the story but yet to witness the conclusive debates within different political parties and the role of HC & the SC including secular and responsible media houses. It is going to be hot & entertaining as well.

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    Both Central government and state government are going hand in hand to fight the pandemic from the beginning. Every case and every death of Covid-19 were registered through Central government organization. So everything what is happening in the country are well known by PM and the government. So how the central government believes if false information by states? If states give wrong information, is it not the duty of central government to rectify the mistakes and bring it to the notice of both houses? Is it not the failure of Central government to procure correct information before announcing in parliament?

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    When it comes to discussion in Parliament , isolated issues cannot be a basis to have the discussion in the house . If the oxygen supply was the shortage, it may be handiwork of those who wants to make hay while the sun shines to which we need not blame the govt. Likewise there might be deaths due to no oxygen and that would have been negligible figure for which national debate is not necessary. So what I feel that opposition are not doing their home work properly and they are harping on simple issues to which the govt or the system cannot be held responsible. For example we keep money in bank and withdraw the same when needed but imagine when every account holder want to with draw the money on single day even SBI would turn pauper. Is that mean SBI is weak ? Same anology works here regarding oxygen related deaths.
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    Lying in the Parliament is not a big deal for any house or not, our honorable leader is filling himself with lies and the public remains helpless in many matters. Whenever the country is in any calamity, most of the hope is kept from the government itself and when the government is not able to fulfill our expectations, they start giving many lies and misleading statements to maintain their own honor and image. As we all know very well that oxygen cylinders were the cause of most of the deaths in the second wave, even after that, if this lie is being told in Parliament, then it is really a matter of shame as well as worrying, Because from this it is understood that when the government does not accept its old mistakes, then it will surely repeat those mistakes in future and the general public will have to bear the consequences.

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    I humbly submit my insignificant opinion here. Respected members may please consider these facts.

    Perhaps we all know that Health as a subject is included in the State List in the Constitution of India. (Although the 15th Finance Commission has recommended inclusion of the subject in the Concurrent List, this suggestion has not been implemented because of opposition from many states. But, ironically, now during this Corona pandemic, these very states want to get rid of Health as a subject. But that is a separate issue.) So, if there is any Parliament Question on Health, the Central Government (CG) can't submit any independent data. The CG will have to submit the data compiled from the information sent by the State Governments (SGs) and Union Territories (UTs).

    The particular reply given by the CG to this Parliament Question clearly indicates that all the SGs and the UTs have furnished 'NIL' reply to the question. So, the compilation result is 'NIL' (number of deaths because of oxygen shortage).

    Further, I would request respected members to carefully go through the language of death certificates issued in India. You will surely note that no death has generally been recorded for the reason of shortage of oxygen. Even in cases of strangulation, the word 'asphyxiation' is not used in the death certificate. As far as I know, this word is very rarely used if a person dies due to carbon-monoxide poisoning in a closed room.

    Considering the above factors, the respected members may find that the CG has mentioned ''NIL' death in the reply to the Parliament Question as it has no data of any death due to lack of oxygen. We must remember that if anyone says something informally in front of media, that is not kept in the Government record.

    There is no question of telling lies in the Parliament.

    Thank u.

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    We should not be too much emotional about these issues. What is spoken in parliament is officially recorded and it is not deleted or erased. If the government officially gives this statement in parliament that they have no record of death that occurred due to lack of oxygen then they must have solid proof to get it recorded in history. It is very unfortunate to see that fake videos were uploaded on social media which tarnished India's image around the world. In these fake videos, we watched how patients were lying on-road and died for not having oxygen, how doctors told the patients or their relatives that there was no more oxygen in hospitals and the cylinders would be exhausted after half an hour or an hour or so and many patients died. Such fake videos became the talk of the streets. Now it has been clarified that nobody died due to lacking oxygen cylinders.
    The central government will have to trust the reports submitted by the states.

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    When something has been done and announced as the outcome of a process then it could be wrong or right depending on the sources of the data used in that analysis. In this case same thing has happened. The data given by states is compiled by the centre and presented in the parliament. It is not understood how states have given a nil report on the matter and how centre has accepted it and presented it in the highest place in our democratic system.
    It clearly shows our duality in dealing these things that at one hand we were crying for the shortage of oxygen and at the other side we simply say that there was no shortage. It is ridiculous.

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