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    Have you done something that scared you the most?

    We can all be a little brave and a little timid, there is nothing to be embarrassed about because it is a natural human nature and sometimes it can happen because of our good and bad experiences.

    I used to be too scared to travel on the Ropeway or maybe still do and I never dared to sit on the Ropeway. But a few days back some of my relatives came the home and with them, we went to Bhedaghat Waterfall, where I have gone many times before, but this time due to the insistence of one of my relatives, I went to the Ropeway and that Ropeway went from crossing the entire waterfall to another. , I was so scared that I could not dare to look down and was just remembering my God. After reaching there I felt very relaxed, but after some time we had to come back to the same side where we parked our cars, I started getting scared again but a little less than before, and surprisingly It so happened that this time I saw the waterfall below the Ropeway I was scared but I felt like this experience might have lessened my fear little bit.

    I hope next time I can travel a little relaxed on Ropeway. I do not know whether my fear is over or not, but it is certain that when we create fear in our minds without doing any work, we are making ourselves weak unnecessarily. Do you have any such fear in your life that after experiencing it automatically subsided, share it?
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    There may be many things that will make us scared. But sometimes we have to experience that as there is no other option available. Many people may be scared of stray dogs. But they can't stop going on to the road with a fear that these dogs will come and bite them. They have to manage.
    Merry-go-round. Many of us might have seen them during festivals in temples etc. Many people like to have a ride on this merry go round. I am very much scared of the same. In our village for Telugu new year, there will be the festival of village Goddess and many people will come and have the darshan. Big trade fares will take place. These merry go rounds will also be there to entertain people. I used to be scared of these. Once my friend forced me and made me get on to it.SImply I was sitting there with my eyes closed. But slowly after experiencing it two or three times I got accustomed to that also.

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    Instead being scared I would interpret this reply for the post in different way. The courage sometimes we gather at times of emergencies would be immense and cannot be imagined by others. When my elder brother was dead in the year 1980 there were no private ambulance and we have to hire the govt fleet as it was past midnight and there was no cell phone to convey the bad news to my parents and they were fast asleep. How to break the news as that should not disturb others privacy and I just knocked the door and expectedly my father has opened the door and he was shocked to see me at that odd hours and I just shown him the ambulance and he understood. The body was kept in the back yard till every one got up in the morning but we both were sitting at the body. That was the tensed movement in life as the four hours in the midnight gave us the tricky time as we are not supposed to keep the dead body inside and nor we leave the body outside.
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    I spent a few years in Naintal, so I would see ropeway trolley going and coming and it was scary for me to ride on it because I have read about some accidents in which rope was broken, but once I moved towards the station and bought the ticket and forgot about accidents and enjoyed the ride to its fullest. I had taken only one way ticket so I came down on foot.
    When I was in my teens I felt fear to sit in gaint swings but it was a fair in our town and I was with my friends and all of us decided to ride on swings it was too difficult for to ride but I did it with my friends. These things are normal in our lives and it is not the matter of embarrassment for me. However, I still fear of large body of water. I often think whether or not I may travel by ship in sea or ocean.

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    When I was in my class VII we were living in the town which was near to our village. It took about one hour to reach the village on foot and of course there was no road at that time so there was no other choice. Due to the ups and downs of hilly terrain even cycling was not possible. Once there was a function in our village and all the family members went there and myself and uncle were told to come next day as I had my classes and uncle had some work in the morning and accordingly we planned to go to village next day. In the afternoon, uncle told me that he had kept the milk on the stove (it was an old kerosine stove having cotton wicks submerged in kerosine and upper side of wicks was burning for heating the pan) and wanted me to remove the pan after 10-15 minutes and put off the stove. He also told that he is going for some small work and after half an hour will meet me in the local bus stand end from where the path to our village commenced. He gave me the key to the main door and asked me to lock it before leaving. I was so excited that when he left I got ready in 10 minutes and in a hurry forgot about the milk and stove and closed the door, locked it and ran to the bus stand. I waited there for 10-15 minutes and meanwhile my uncle reached there and then we started to walk to the village. In the evening when we were taking tea in the village, my uncle had casually asked me whether I locked the house which I answered in positive and handed over the key to him. Then he asked me that I must had put the milk also aside and put off the stove. Now I was dumb and silent and was actually much scared. My uncle found that something was wrong and when I told him that I forgot it then first he became angry but later told that do not worry the stove will go off once kerosine was finished and definitely the milk pan bottom would be charred. When we returned from the village it took some time to get that pan cleaned as there was black carbon sitting so tightly there in the bottom of the pan.
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