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    What makes you think you are always right?

    I am not saying you always think that you are right but there are many who think they are right, always. Many threads were posted on this aspect so I am not going to repeat anything or advice you about the effects of thinking in this way rather, I wish to keep it very simple. Right or wrong depends on individual perception so what you may think right may be wrong to someone else and vice-versa. But, I am sure this perception is not going to change while recognising colours because if you describe the colour blue as green people may brand you as colour-blind. Since life is not that straightforward consisting of 1s and 0s our thought process varies and perception changes. Now think of various incidents of life that have happened earlier where you argued with others stating you were right. Change the perspective and come to the present situation. Do you still consider you were right at that point in time? Have you realized anything?
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    Many of us have that feeling or misunderstanding that we are always right. It is more of an ego problem rather than lack of prudence. Even if we are wrong many times we try to prove that we were right using still more illogical arguments and statements. It is said that when we stand by something then our whole personality fights for that and in the deep of our heart we wish that everyone should accept that. It might look strange but quite true in many cases. There are some rare humble and meek people who do not exhibit this trait and rather politely agree if they were on wrong footing. Such people generally command good respect.
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    We have seen people fighting over trifle issues justifying that they are correct. They would go to any length to prove that they had taken their correct steps. We cannot make further arguments since this would not produce any favourable results. There are a lot of jobs to be done and instead of taking up such jobs at our hands, we would further waste our time with unnecessary arguments. This situation might turn sometimes unmanageable because of intense hot discussions. Such talks would spoil our relationships further. Hence the wise step is to avoid such confrontations diverting us from our main task.

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    When we are forthright in our thoughts and actions, and when we are sincere in approach and execution, we need not fear for any adverse comments and therefore assert that what ever we do is right. But some times we are also controlled by the situations and happenings which are not known to us and therefore we are wronged in our notion and branded as wrong person. Just now I was watching a Tamil serial where in a house wife goes to draw at ATM and prior to that one person has looted the machine with fraud cards and when he got tip that police are approaching he spills the notes in the room and when this women picks up police catch her to be the gang of ATM looting gang as they caught the women with money. No matter she pleads the police would not hear and abuse her so much and even taken to police station. We are also in same situation some times for no fault.
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    Neither one can be right nor always wrong, that is, the author is right to say that we identify right and wrong in our own way and that's why we should not always consider ourselves completely right. When we have the same feeling for other people that as we have our thoughts and values, in the same way, others can have their own likes and dislikes, by doing this we can make our own life much easier and also from the disputes of busy can be saved. I never feel that only I can be completely right and that's why I always welcome other people's opinions.

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    I see that everybody thinks he is right. He expects and expects that everybody should listen to him attentively because statements and opinions are important and worthing following. This proclivity in people is due to the level and social status of individuals. One who belongs to a higher status in society would expect every lower status people to accept his opinion right as obligatory.
    In this situation, an outspoken person never hesitates to open his mouth against what is wrong in his opinion. If this outspoken person has a good status in his society he becomes a threat to all pretentious braggarts.

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    One should not think that he is always correct. That will never help them to improve their knowledge. No human being is 100% right and many times chances are there for doing the same mistake again and again. Instead of that if we understand our mistakes and correcting them we will become more educated and wise.
    A man who is having good knowledge will never think that he is correct always. He will always try to know more and more and correct himself. But only an egoistic person only will think he is always right and never allows others to correct him. In a way, he will only be losing and not getting any chance to learn and further develop his knowledge.

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