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    Mistakes should be pointed out

    We always avoid pointing wrongdoings and mistakes of a person. This is generally due to affection towards that person or we feel that person may get hurt due to our act of opposing him. But, our one act of saving our relations with the person leads to the growth of that small seed of mistake into a big tree and at that time it is difficult to solve that problem. It is always said that no one is a born criminal, in a similar way no crime is done overnight or no fraud is the cause of overnight default.
    I remember a story told by our teacher that, once when a person is going to hang to death he expressed his last desire to talk to his mother and then he said, Mom, why don't you stopped me when I stole the toy for the first time".The mother also lamented over the mistake of supporting his son always and spreading the veil over his mistakes.
    So the moral of the story is that when a crime is committed for the first time, we should stop that person, even if our relations would be in trouble don't care about that, because for that the person would keep distance for some time from us but when the right time will come he would realise that we are right.
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    No matter who ever it is , if the mistake is done we have right to question those who wronged. In the office also we have juniors and seniors and the concerted effort between the departments resulted in the final out put of successful orders and execution and we cannot undermine any employee or their contribution no matter it is small innovation and help from them. For example we often get the customer complaint that they got one less product , though we know we have sent right because the product goes through process and it is counted, we cannot blame the customer just like that. So we asked the packing person write number of products with pen before sealing and that made wonders as the order content inside was less and the order form shows more. So we are now detected our own mistake and doing the work rightly.
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