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    If you awake in the middle of sleep, do you get into sleep mode again ?

    It is said that a person needs eight hour of deep sleep without disturbance, and that great rest laid down freely on the nice bed would giving the befitting rest that is needed for having worked 16 hours earlier. The sleep may start at any hour but it should last for 8 hours. But invariably we get disturbed through the gadgets and one phone call or message at the odd hour during midnight would spoil our sleeping spree and we are disturbed in the middle and getting back to the sleep mode may not be possible. How about you and your sleeping habits.?
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    As far as I am concerned I am not having that problem. I can get up in between the sleep and then again sleep without any problem. I will get up a minimum of two times during my sleep the nights daily. I can get up respond to the call and sleep again without any problem. But my wife is opposite to that. Once she gets up from her sleep, she can't get into sleep again easily. That is why she keeps her phone switch off during her sleep. She will be very upset if she gets up in the middle of her sleep.
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    Once I go to sleep in the night, I enjoy my perfect sleep for at least seven hours at a stretch without any obstruction whatsoever. There might be some irregularity in the sleeping mode due to unwanted calls through my mobile because of my negligent attitude of mine not switching off to the same. This irregularity does not happen always and hence no problem.
    In case of my wife, she does not face any such issue. She takes care of taking early dinner in the night so as to enjoy sound sleep in the night for at least for eight hours.

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    I go to bed at 11.00 -11.30 pm and wake up at 7 am. It is common to wake up at least 2-3 times in between. I use to drink a glass of water every wake-up. The time gap between waking up and falling asleep again is only a maximum of 5-6 minutes. Within two minutes, I used to get into sleep mode again. While many people try hard to fall asleep after lying in bed, I only lie down only when I fell asleep. I think that will be the cause.
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    Although it rarely happens to me when I wake up in the middle of falling asleep, even if it happens due to some reason, then I do not take a long time to take myself back to the world of sleep. I am not used to sleeping during the day and it is a natural process to get a deep sleep as a result of fatigue after a long day of housework and some other outside work. At the moment, I do not have any sleep-related problems, which can have many other reasons, but I think worries or stress in people's lives is the main reason for not sleeping properly.

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    I don't make any call after 10:30 p.m. nor expect to receive too. I don't see. if any message is sent at night. I need complete rest for myself and others too. However, if I have to call any relative who resides in any city e.g. in Delhi and I know about them they take their dinner after 11 p.m. so I call them if it is required.
    I think I need at least six hours of sound sleep to have complete rest for my mind and body. Generally, I sleep late at night when all my family members have already slept. Sometimes, I sleep a bit earlier, if I get up at midnight, I leave my bed and make tea then spend some time with my mobile. But I don't want to be disturbed then I continue sleeping.
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    Once I go to bed, I don't want any disturbance. I get up in the middle of sleep then only when urgency is there. I never sleep in day time so I want to take 8 hours sound sleep. Once I gets up from sleep, then I can't get into sleep mode easily. Oftentimes, I felt headache because of waking up in the middle of sleep. I think 6 to 8 hours sound sleep is necessary for staying fit and healthy.

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