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    Why Indian Athletes do not get success in crucial matches at Olympics despite their good form?

    First of all a very congratulations to all Athletes and good luck who are participating in Olympics.
    No doubt it is a privilege to participate in Olympics and represent our country.
    But what are the reasons, genuinely asking, for not getting medals despite some of the athletes are world top rankers?
    We should discuss it ?
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    The author has raised a very good post which need to be discussed and debated. Unfortunately there is no rigorous training provided to our athletes and they are left to their own fate to perform at the national level and the district sport authorities are not well equipped to meet the international standards of the games and thus our athletes fail at the hands of opponents players. The preparedness to the ultimate game must be for the daily basis and not just on the eve of the game. Moreover the selection of candidates in each discipline must be according to the their caliber and not just at the recommendation of the of the concerned states. We know if the player excels the state gets into limelight and it gets name and fame and therefore the states must be careful enough in future while selecting best performers who can assure medals.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It has been observed that the players are selected on the basis of their passion and talents and such a selection is fine. They are to be put on the rigorous training to groom their potentials. Unfortunately, we are failing to provide right support to the athletes so that they may feel confident during their performance hours. They are left to their own fate to perform in their own ways. This may be one of the chief cause of demotivation for the players. Sports authorities are not well equipped to meet the standards of the game. They should take initiative to promote the caliber of the players with the provision of regular practice. The authorities should see where they are failing and accordingly they should come up with suggestions to improve the performance of each player. Providing such inputs could help the players to show their best performance in their final shows.

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    India is the second largest country of the world in terms of population after China. When international events such as Olympics are held anywhere in the world indian sportspersons participate in it but hardly some of them win silver or bronze. We are pleased to see them winning even bronze or silver. State governments give them property or money or award etc for winning these medals. When Olympic games are hIld and we fail to perform well then we begin to discuss this issue and sooner we forget about how to generate best athletes in iur country that can win gold medals. I think following points considered:
    - All these sports should be given in the hands of retired sportspersons instead of politicians or their relatives
    - There should be fair and free selection of the athletes
    - The government should encourage private companies to sposner these sports/sports personalities
    - A sufficient amount should be allocated for these sports in annual budget.

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    The main reason maybe something like a stage fear. People talk very nicely and make so many statements during normal discussions. But the same person may not be able to express confidently and nicely when asked to talk from a stage in a big meeting. Many people will have this fear. Because of this fear, many people lose their chances. That is why more practice events are required. That will make the players confident and they will come out of the fear.
    Olympics are the prestigious and the biggest sports event and participating in those games itself is a big achievemnt. The players are talented. At the same time, the other players who are participating are also very big. This will make some participants lose their confidence. When the player loses his/ her confidence he/she can't do their maximum. That will make the players perform less than their normal levels.
    There should be more practice events for all the participants and the people who are selected for the event should be given rigorous training and see that they all will be physically and mentally fit for the event. No politics should be there in selecting the players for the event. Then only chances of winning medals will be high for any country.

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    After reading all of your points I want to add my view as the intent of the players is more important. Not players the intent of administration also. Intent here i mean to say only medal approach not for Ist rank.
    Secondly i want to say as Shankar jha ji mentioned rigorous training in addition to that the player which has potential can be sent to foreign countries for advance training if not available here. For example, Nadia Comaneci gymnast of Romania did as she trained in USA for year after.

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