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    Why Indian sportsmen/women don't excel in Gymnastics?

    Dear sports loving ISC Members,
    I really wonder not to see any Indian boys or girls participating in Gymnastics. While I see many girls and boys, men and women belonging to small nations participate in Gymnastics and win the gold silver and bronze medals, I do not see even a single Indian boy or girl participating in that game. India being the second largest populated country in the world, is it not a sorrowful affair that we don't keep our body fit like rubber and elastics for Gymnastics.

    Am I wrong in saying this? Are there any Indian Gymnastics in any games may it be Olympics or Asian games or local Indian games?

    Post your views and comments on this subject.
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    Unfortunately Indian mentality has been proved time and again that gymnastics is the sports for the men and not for the women and even in this modern days the boys are encouraged to have toned body to be fit to visit gym and practice exercise and not the girls. Right from the schooling the district sports authorities in each state must identify the potential girl players who can bring name and fame to the state and the country and if the school and government can ensure and convince the parents about probable hype in the name and fame of the particular candidate , there are chances for bringing in glory to the country . Unfortunately hand full of women across the country who are trained in less sports are not getting the right exposure to get the international participation hype and thus keep sulking at their homes.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    We are under the impression that the gymnastics are meant for the men and hence they should play the dominant role in gymnastics. Keeping in view of such thoughts, we believe in encouraging the males for the games. If we look around the girls, they too are may prove promising in these areas provided they are trained. Unfortunately in our country, the same trend is not being followed. This has resulted in the dominance of the male players.
    If we take pain in training the girls in the sports, they can show their potentials matching with the boys. Such efforts could restore the glory of the country which is lacking currently on the part of the girls.

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    Can Indian girls jump up, bent down, twist their waist, swing their bodies and roll like a doll that the girls of other countries are doing? I think, Indian girls are unfit to perform such activities. Firstly Indian girls are shy to wear a dress that the gymnastics wear. Secondly, their food habits don't allow them to be a gymnastic. Thirdly, Indians think that they cannot perform gymnastic like the other countries. Totally, physical unfitness is the main reason why Indian sportsmen don't participate in gymnastics in Olympics and Asian games.
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    India is the second largestt country in the world and we expect that Indian players should be representing their country in international events and bring some medals but sadly we nowhere stand in gymnastics, especially, in Olympics.
    Mainly, we don't focus on Olympics and the games which are included in Olympics are out of picture, we mainly focus on cricket. Our media highlights cricket players. Companies sponsor cricket, as a result young generation is seen playing cricket only. They have no interest in other games including gymnastics. It isn't the question of gymnastics only you can notice that condition of all games is pathetic. I think most of us are aware that we were champion in hockey. No other country could play against us. But now what is our position in internal hockey events. We don't bring fold gold. South Korea, Argentina, Spain etc these small countiries can defeat us easily.
    Now Germany, Holland, Australia, England are much stronger contenders than us. I read about an old hockey player of Punjab. He had no job so he started selling tea and put all his medals which he got as a hockey player in his shop another hockey player became a bicycle mechanic.
    I am taking hockey instead of gymnastic and reason is obvious.

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    I fully agree that Indians love only cricket. All other games are kept in the back seats with no importance to them. However, Gymnastics is one such game that no Indian player is fit to perform that tricky movements to jump up on the air, rotate, jump down straight etc. No Indian females have such a flexible body to perform that art. It is difficult to find an Indian girl with rubber like elastic body to perform gymnastics. Having over 130 crores population, not even a single soul is ready to perform that beautiful show.

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    In our country, there is no much interest among the people in gymnastics I think. People are only after cricket. The players who are in cricket are getting very good encouragement and they are trying to excel in that game. BCCI is the richest organisation and able to give good money to the players. But the other sportspersons are not getting that much encouragement. That may be one of the reasons why our players not excelling in gymnastics. If the government takes interest and encourage the persons in other sports, many players will emerge in these areas also.
    always confident

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    For the same of further information when China and US are leading the first two positions with many gold medals and we are yet to get a gold and to be contended with one silver and one bronze and standing at the 61st place in the medals tally. But population wise we are equivalent to China and more than the US, but how their athletes getting into grove of snatching all big laurels much to these= surprise of the world. At least the authorities should now retrospect as to what is going wrong and why we are not able to have formidable performing players at the Olympics.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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