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    There is a risk in leaving even a single ladder.

    Often, when children jump or climb stairs in a hurry, habitually and in a hurry, they leave one or two stairs and jump, in such situation, the elders explain to them that to do so is to take a risk in which there is a fear of falling or getting hurt. We should also apply the same lesson when we move forward in the path to achieve our goal, then some straight paths come, some stairs come. While climbing the stairs, if we skip a single step, we may fail. The chances of it happening also increase. Many times people start thinking about leaving the stairs in overconfidence or in a hurry but it can also lead to regret later. Stairs are also fixed for the path that you have chosen for yourself, if you have chosen the journey yourself, then be patient.
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    Short cuts are never advisable anywhere. When we climb a ladder we should go up step by step. But we should never try to skip some steps in between and get on to the next one. Sometimes we may fail in that attempt and we may get injured also. Even in doing our tasks also we should go step by step and complete the task effectively. But if we try to avoid and complete the work soon, sometimes mistakes will happen and we may have to spend a long time again correcting the mistakes that happened. So never try for shortcuts. I know many instances where people failed miserably in their attempts who tried shortcut routes for their success. So always be sincere in your efforts and be successful. Always we should have a plan for completing our work and we should have different stages and we should complete works stage by stage only.
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    The author has drawn a parallel as to path of life progress with that of skipping one step of the ladder that means missing the important connect to which we may not get back to it for sure. When the path is defined and we are destined to achieve the same with normal course, then why there should be hurry and get hurt or punished. By the way anything learned by skipping somethiing important cannot be claimed as the full education. Even in classes when some students bunk for some days and then return to classes wherein they fail to connect the subject and thus become the laughing stock in front of the co-students and teacher. Even though the teacher would rewind the class for the purpose of absentee students, they cannot grasp the inner points of the subject quickly and thus lost the portion for sure.
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    Doing things slowly and steadily has its own reward. Our elders and wise people always recommended this mode of action in our routine as well as in the specific works. There is no substitute for patience in our lives and hurry is the main cause of worry and misery everywhere. While doing things in a hurry major mistakes happen and then the result is that we have nothing else except repenting on our hurried actions. There is an old saying that only devil works in a hurried fashion. We must learn doing things patiently and give them the due time which is required in the execution of those processes.
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