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    Food can be served again on the same plate.

    Food is an important part of our life without which life is not possible and nature gives this food which is giving us energy but do people really understand its importance. When a person is hungry, he/she simply craves food in any way, but how much food will be eaten depends on many factors including the amount of hunger, our like or dislike food, taste, etc. Many times people take a lot of food on the plate due to strong hunger, but if they are not able to eat food due to anyone reason then it does not matter what was the reason, it matters how much food you wasted. There is no limit on how much food will be taken on your plate, so keep its limit low in the beginning, when you understand the synergy of hunger and taste, then food can be taken on the plate again. Food is a valuable element which is essential not only for your life but also for the life of every living being, so use it properly.
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    Very good suggestion made by the author as we should take limited quantity of food and see whether that matches to our taste buds and liking and if we crave for more, the food can be added. When the food is served on buffet system, we have seen that people taking the food and curries extra at the first instance itself and there by wasting the same because they felt hunger is over and they have ate full. Once there was a hotel in Secunderabad which served buffet lunch for just 39 rupees and having located in the IT offices area, the lunch time was full and agog. But invariably the so called IT professionals used to take more food at the first instance and then wasted or requested others to share their food that wont happen and eventually the hotel was closed. The host knows the pain of offering food and that is wasted in front of his eyes, that is the very bad table manners to which we must change our attitude for sure.
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    That is true. Food is very valuable. I am not talking about the money involved but the importance of the food I am telling. We hear about death due to hunger. We know that there are many people starving for food. But we also know people who waste food as they like. Wasting food is a really bad thing. Eat whatever you can but never waste even a little also.
    These days many people are understanding the importance of food and trying to save food I feel. Awareness is increasing. There are some organisations which will come to us and collect the excess food available and distribute them to the needy. We have to inform them by phone and they will take care of the remaining things.
    We see a lot of wastage in marriages and other important functions. It is always better to choose from the available lot that we like and eat them rather than taking everything into the plate and wasting them.
    Now catering system has come in food supply and those people will prepare minimum food and see that food will not be wasted.

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    Food is an important part for human survival and as such we must be very much particular in avoiding its wastage. We can see how the wastage occurs in functions. People take a lot of items in the plate thinking that they would relish the items but major portions remain on the plate after finishing their meal. This is nothing but colossal wastage of food items when there are a lot of people deprived of food stuff due to their poverty. This could be distributed in a proper way so that unconsumed part of food goes to the right persons.

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    In our culture and tradition food is considered equivalent to God. We pray to almighty for well being of everyone and thank to Him for providing food to us, before taking the food. This ritual is very much common in many cultures and many societies across the world. A poor, hungry, and deprived person knows the value of food. We must treat food as a valuable commodity and respect it in all the ways and limit our consumption to only our requirement and not waste a single grain of it. Frankly speaking, wasting food is a criminal social act which has to be avoided at any cost. Nowadays in many big hotels and restaurants whatever food is left out at the end of the day that is being distributed in the night itself to the needy people through the NGOs and other orphan houses. That is a good step and we all must try to take such measures in our lives for providing the remaining unused cooked food in our houses to the needy.
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