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    Learn the art of getting unstuck

    The heading already conveyed the content to the members and readers. Getting stuck in between the work is the normal happening and many had the cue to get out of the situation and then going. But getting unstuck is the art of learning new ways in damage control exercises to which others are not aware and here comes the professionalism, wisdom and know how which helps in getting out of challenging situations before hand because while planning itself we have taken in to account all the parameters of glitches and thus made provisions to get par.
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    That is true. Troubleshooting and trouble solving is great art. Where is the problem and how to solve it? this should be known before attempting to come out of the situation. For this, we require a very good understanding of the work that we are doing. We have to study the trouble well and understand the exact root cause for the hitch and we have to solve it.
    When we are working in process industries we will be getting many process problems and will be identified by knowing the quality problem, of the product. There comes the need for experts who can analyse the situation well and find out the problem area and come out with a solution to get out of such problems.
    In the same way many times we will be facing some problems in our daily life also which should be taken care with a proper understanding and solving them.

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    It is said that when any person undertakes a project or job or task then one has to do appropriate homework before undertaking it. One has to think all the pros and cons of the project and one also has to ponder over the the stumbling blocks which are expected to be encountered during the execution of that project. If those things are well understood then when we encounter with those problems during the execution of the project it becomes easy to mitigate them with the foresighted remedies and probable solutions.
    It is possible that even after a lot of planning and foresightedness difficult problems might crop up during the execution but most of the problems will be resolved until they are of a major nature. Proper planning and proper homework always helps in getting unstuck from a difficult situation easily.

    Knowledge is power.

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    The damage control exercise and tools must be ready before embarking on any work or project.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    In case of doing any job, we may come across some impediments which need immediate relief and if not fully aware of resolving the same, it will affect the entire situation. Though damage control exercise originates with our experience and being conversant with the different issues, we can successfully handle the job effectively. Such an experience is gathered with a long exposure in a given job. We can understand the pros and cons of the job and can identify the problem shooting and with our experience, we learn the art of overcoming the same. Prior to our engagement in any job, we may take the help of a mentor but to be familiar with all sorts of obstacles, we should apply our mind to the possible solutions still doing the job. Solutions will naturally flash within our mind with the constant exposure of the job.

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