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    Brics has no strength as Quad rises with sword

    As the things taking place in Afghanistan after Taliban occupying to govern the country, the much hyped Brics- Britain, Russia, India, China and South Africa grouping is likely to fade away as Taliban is getting support from China, Britain and Russia and in this back drop the Quad- represented by Australia, India, US and Japan is getting strong as US President Biden going to host a big personal presence summit of four countries and that would be having sweeping powers to take on China and other countries supporting any unlawful activities across the globe. This is good development in the wake of threat to India security.
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    The taking over of power by Taliban in Afghanistan has changed the political scenario across the globe and different international powers are aligning themselves to different strategies to cope up with this new situation. It is very true that whenever an extremist or terrorist or a fundamentalist group takes over power in a territory or a kingdom, then the whole of the world becomes anxious and perturbed except a few who have vested interest with those evil groups. In this situation the role of good countries who want peace across the world and believe in the universal brotherhood becomes very crucial. It becomes necessary that all the good forces should unite and collectively combat this situation and try to bring peace and harmony in that region which is now occupied by the extremists.
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    Sadly, the Taliban has taken over the ruling in Afganisthan. The after-effects will be definitely going to be very interesting. Now countries like China and Pakistan will definitely support the Taliban as they feel that if this country also joins hands with them they can contain India more effectively. So there will be a break definitely in Brics. Now Russia and Britain are also supporting the Taliban. But we have no enmity with these countries. As such we may not have any problem with these countries even though we are not working together.
    Australia, India, the US and Japan are working together with a single goal of bringing down China. As such the personal presence summit of these four countries that are going to be hosted by the US is going attain very good importance and these four countries may come out strongly and work for eliminating the terror activities across the country. Nothing is clear and the dust has to settle and the clear picture has to emerge to understand the whole issue more clearly

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