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    Nothing is more complex than the human system.

    The structure of a human body is quite complex, for which the studies are going on even today and there is no end to this study. Because over time, along with the development in the human world, physical development in itself also keeps on developing. Even in such a situation, people have so much time that they keep counting the shortcomings and evils of people around the world and waste time. If a person wants to study about himself, he wants to know himself, then he will be short of time. If you have to do it, try to know about yourself, recognize the external and internal nature, recognizing it, when you live life in this way, then perhaps the time will be reduced because there is probably nothing more complex than the human body.
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    Nicely said by the author that nothing more complex than the human system. While many wants to make their style statements for having good looks and beautiful body appearance. Out of the many facts of our human system the skeletal, muscular and nervous system plays important role. If the skeletal system is imperfect there would be deformation face recognition to which many would be worried. If the muscular position are confronted with veins blocking and that would be very painful all through the life. If the nervous system is week, nothing can be done and that would be defeating life. Apart from this the digestive system is very important that would make us to taste and enjoy the food. And urinary system must be perfect to keep us in good cheers. But what is more important that reproductive system matters and there some people have to confront with hormonal imbalance.
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    It is very true that human body is the most complicated structure and the scientists and scholars are searching for various mysteries associated with it. Many people do not understand this fact and think that their body is just like a living animal body and what is the great deal about it. Actually there is a much greater deal about it which we must ponder. Humans are the only animal on this planet Earth who are having a very high level of consciousness. This is the great facility given to the humans by nature and this is the characteristic which distinguishes it from the all other animals available in the animal kingdom. It is imperative that we must take advantage of our consciousness and our knowledge and inquisitiveness to understand the nature of human beings and also introspect ourselves time to time. Introspection is a very great tool which helps us to know more about ourselves and not waste our time in criticizing, defaming or degrading others.
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    A human body is a chemical engineering factory. Many chemical reactions will be taking place in our body and to understand these systems we have to spend a lot of time. Even after that, we may not understand the system completely. This is a subject by itself and a lot of work is going across the globe to know more about the human body. Human mentality is still complex and no two people will think similarly. Everybody can find faults with the thinking process of others but never think about their thinking process.
    It is the human tendency to find faults with others and hence they try to spend more time in this aspect. If they spend half of that time on their self-evaluation, they can become much better human beings. We have no right to judge others and their behaviour as long as they are interfering with us. We never know why the other man is like that or behaving differently. We should also think about the conditions under which they are behaving in that way.

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    Yes, the body and the mind both are complex to understand and maybe that's why many people keep on finding the shortcomings of others rather than thinking of their complicated systems. To observe our system is a good practice and you will be able to know a lot of things by observing yourself. For example, you can spend a lot of time observing your breath in different moods and situations and based on that can apply control over your breath. You can observe your habits carefully and may find out how many are accepting your habits. Likewise, spending a lot of time observing your system and your activities is a good idea and you can learn a lot from it.

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    I will like to add that human body is not only a complex system but also our mind plays a great role in managing the the body and its characteristics. It is said that there should be a complete unison between the mind and the body and they should be in resonance with each other. When we say resonance it means that mind should direct the body into appropriate actions and body should follow it. If the mind says that we have to work and to get up urgently and go to attend the duties but body says no and it wants to relax and enjoy the time then there would be a contradiction and conflict with arise. What I mean to say is that there should be a complete cohesion between our thoughts and our actions. If they are going in different directions then it is a disaster situation. For attaining the ambitious goals in our lives we must introspect and talk to ourselves and find out ways to resolve the contradictory situations.
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    The functioning of body and mind is so complex that it cannot be fully understood. Even in the similar circumstances, the two people have the different concepts on the same aspect and their conclusions may vary widely. It might be due to their different mental makeups of such people leading to variations of thoughts.
    Again the dynamics of working of body system is not fully understood but there exists a relationship between the body and mind. If there is a deficiency in proper intake of food, even the functioning of mind deteriorates and it can be further strengthened with the supplementation of herbs which can revive its functioning. If our mind is not working properly, insomnia will develop which can affect the entire body system. Thus interrelationships of the two cannot be denied. Connectivity of the two is an interesting subject but still it is a complex one.

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    More than the human, I really wonder about the God's creation. I always wonder to see an ant measuring few mm in size has the ability to shake an elephant. Has anyone tried to know the complexity of the system of the powerful little ant?
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