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    Even today some people are committing crimes in the greed of the son.

    Children are children, whether it is a boy or a girl, there was a time when girls were considered a burden, but then with time, many evils ended and people started giving equal rights to daughters too. But even after such developed society, even today some people's thinking is very small and they consider themselves unlucky until they get a boy as a child. It is surprising when the educated class and the affluent class also come forward with such small thinking. This distinction between boy and girl is still the cause of many types of superstition, crime, and population Some people fall prey to stereotypes to get a boy as a child and indulge themselves in the world of crime by falling into the web of superstition.
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    When the new couples are bestowed with a child, that should be accepted as gift instead of probing on gender preference. After reading this post my thoughts went to a news video yesterday in Bhadrachalam town of Telangana, a born baby was found dumped in the dustbin and unfortunately that was a baby girl. The looks cute and the police immediately sent the child to a hospital and now stable. This proves that girl child are no more wanted in the society and when it comes to poverty stricken poor family, they cannot afford to nurture girl child and thus commit heinous crimes of either aborting while in the womb or abandon somewhere. It is the fact that every house must have one boy child and one girl child and that makes a ideal family. But in many homes two boys and two girls child are born and that makes the matter tricky and they want another baby.
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    My experience is that these days many people are thinking that a girl child is a boon. I have two sons. But now I have three granddaughters but no grandson so far. Really we are all enjoying the female kids in the house. It is a pleasure to have them with us. So now we are very happy that even though we have no daughters we have now granddaughters.
    These days there is no difference between a son and a daughter. We are all educating them equally. We are not taking dowries or we are not giving. So if we think that having a girl child is not good, it will be foolish only. As mentioned by the author some people may be showing discrimination. Nobody should encourage such activities. More awareness is to be brought in people about equality and see that there will not be any unwanted issues for the sake of having only sons but not daughters.

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    I wonder whether education can really change our mindset! Otherwise, we wouldn't be finding so many illegal activities committed by the educated people. There are some practices that affect our daily activities and thought processes. One such practice is how people treat girls and boys. Maybe they are good academically but at home the constant discrimination between the girls and boys made them think that a particular gender is superior. Society has a role to play. Yes, there are a lot of changes on the perspective of treating girls and boys equally and lot more needs to be done. Gender discrimination must go and that's a necessity for our progress.

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    It hardly matters that we are blessed with either of the child but the way they are being brought up values. In some families, we have seen that their girl child have done extremely well in the sphere of education and are having their successful careers. This has been possible due to parental efforts ignoring what others are thinking for their families. The parents guided and motivated their children and with their single minded devotion, they provided all the basic needs of the female children. This really transformed their careers and they are children are doing extremely well in their service. This was possible due to single minded devotion of the parents without having any consideration of the difference of the genders .There should not be any complex feelings while bringing them up. Both the genders can do extremely well if suitable environment for their growth is created.

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    Unfortunately, in many societies, across the world, traditionally, people distinguished between a boy child and girl child. The girls were married and left their parents place and settled in the new family and new place. Parents generally remained with the sons and passed their old age with them only. With time some changes started to appear in this traditional system and as the girls also started doing job and went outside the four walls of their houses, they also became independent and in many cases were looking after their parents also when the sons deserted them or there were no sons in the family. These things brought a change in the thinking of the society and now many people do not distinguish between the girl and a boy. But still there are some greedy people who feel that if they have sons then they will look after them nicely in the old age which is of course a wrong concept in today's environment. Nowadays very few sons are keeping their parents with them.
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    Yes, truly unfortunate but is a fact and this does not seem to be ending nearby soon.

    One sex wants to have a dominating role in society and the bigger challenge is that to a good proportion female population also believes in this same theory. This is also unfortunate that women too are equally responsible for murdering of a female infant child.

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