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    Try to contain waste expenditure

    When it comes to deciding the right expenditure we are the best judge as none can take the liberty to advice us and we alone the decision maker. Those who contained the expense are the great savers and the world like them. This pandemic has given us the chance of learning how to save for future. Saving for future us the great trait as making provision for future is thought by very few. One thing is sure those who made provision for medical and health needs are always appreciated.
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    Many people know how to earn money and they earn a good amount of it during their career and service period. But there are very few people who know how to spend it. Actually spending money requires a lot of skills and ponderings. Going to the market and shopping mindlessly and bringing a lot of things in the house and then finally all those items becoming clutter in due course of time is a very desperate and sad situation and one must avoid such unnecessary indulgences. It is true that if one has money then one is at liberty to spend it whatever he wants but what is the use of spending money like water? Money has got real worth and power and one can use it in good things as it can be used to help the poor people, it can be used to help the poor students to get education, and there are many ways where an extra amount of money can be utilised.
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    Many times we discussed the importance of saving. This thread also brings in the same topic but in a different way. The author is not advising us to save but telling us to stop wasteful expenditure. When we have money, we think of purchasing something without thinking about the necessity of the item. But when we have only limited money we have to see the necessity and then only we should go for purchase.
    If we have some money we should save that money so that we can use it when a necessity comes. Many people suffered during the pandemic as there was no income for them. People who have some reserves used them and pulled on. But people wo have no reserves suffered a lot and taken many debts to pull on.
    We all should learn lessons from such people. We have to decide on the percentage of savings and we should spend the remaining only. That will ensure some savings always.

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    It is rightly said by the author, when we generate income through various means, then our first responsibility is to fulfill the needs of ourselves and our family members, we spend in different ways but the balance of expenditure and savings should be maintained in this way. So that if the need arises on time, we have proper financial arrangements. Small extravagant expenses spend a huge amount even when it does not seem worthwhile. As the author said, health is an important part without which a healthy and happy life is not possible and we should not skimp on it.

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    One has to spend money according to the need and for that analyzing the need is very important. Purchasing things that you do not need is a wastage and we must avoid it. A part of our earnings is saved for the future and there are people who plan quite efficiently and save a huge amount. It is correct that only you can decide what you call a right expenditure though often people take the advice from persons dealing with finance when it comes to saving. Proper planning and along with it the execution of the financial plan is important.

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    The author is correct. Many people do buy the articles and items when they find the rate is very cheap, but the quantity should be slightly more than our need. My cousin brother used buy the vegetables and other items very bulk quantity as he found cheap in price. Similarly he bought onions of two kilos each of big size and small size but on reaching home only he realized that continuous festivals are there in the forthcoming days as we cannot use for fifteen days. We just handed over them to the neighbor house. So, we have to think before buying anything.

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