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The topic has been discussed recently in another thread though not in the same context.
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    A lot of literature, fictions, information, and knowledge is available in internet in public domain

    There is a lot of data which is freely available in internet and no one has copyright on that. Mainly these are old religious books, novels and literary works by various authors in ancient times and even in mediaeval times. All this is actually a treasure house of information, knowledge, interesting facts, history, fiction, epics and many more categories.
    We have to understand that though these things are freely available in the internet but we can't copy and paste them somewhere under our name because even copying these free materials will be considered as an act of plagiarism and is punishable.
    Have you ever observed these materials from such point of view while surfing the internet and reading for making reference to any such past book of literature or knowledge as it is easily and freely available to us.
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    The internet is like an ocean. We will find a lot of information on various topics on this internet. We should use this for reading and improving our knowledge. We should not copy and paste it anywhere even though nobody is having copyrights. Nobody should copy and paste it and show it as their work. This is nothing but stealing the works of somebody else. You can save the information you wanted in the area of your interest on your computers and refer as and when you wanted. But reproducing a part or full information somewhere is not acceptable.
    I have visited and searched for many items related to Hindu mythology and the same is very useful to me in my day to day life. But one important point one should not forget is the authenticity of the information available here. You can't take everything given there as correct and reliable. We should check the information and check the accuracy of the information or subject and then only we should take the information as correct.

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    I agree that we should refer the information only from reliable and reputed sources in the internet..
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