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    Some people act like magnets

    We see different types of people around us and find that with some people we feel positive and happy and we like to be around them, but some people even when they are around then we feel strange negative vibes, and we avoid such people or keep distance from them. The people who make the atmosphere positive often seem to behave as a magnet because people are attracted towards them, but sometimes this magnetism also becomes a problem for such people when these people want to be alone for whatever reason. People don't even give them a chance to be alone. Something similar happened with a friend of mine and this magnetism also bothers her. Are there any such magnets around you or are you like a magnet among your loved ones?
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    Many people around us always will make us a little nervous. We should not allow people to be around us unnecessarily. I feel when some people are having the habit of moving with people. They will attract the people by spending some money on them and the day we stop spending money on them they will stop moving with us. Another aspect is power. If we have power in our hands' many people will be with us as they can get their works done through our position. Once we are out of power nobody will be with us. This is the general tendency. But if somebody is having extra skills and knowledge also people may come to them for guidance.
    I was working in a company and the company was in a rural area and the surpunch of that area used to move always with some people around him. People are getting attracted to him. He used to respect government officers. He used to go to them and give them small gifts and get the works done. Many people used to go to him for getting their work done. He served that village for 10 years as surpunch and later on, he started his own business. Once he was in business he stopped entertaining anybody and we never used to see people around him.

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    It is the fact that so many Among Us get astonished on coming across some of them working like a magnet which specifies that they are concerned with us and does the work according to our satisfaction and in this regard they tend to cover some important aspects to which we get convinced for sure that they're caring us. Some have the knack of knowing many things and thus display them with over enthusiasm.
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    Yes, there are people like that and for such magnets, the attraction is more prominent than repulsion. People like a person who is friendly and if the person is eager to help others then you may find some others are surrounding the person all the time. People develop a type of emotional attachment with such persons and when they are around others feel safe and happy. It's a special trait and such persons are always popular for their personality. There are some people I know who are quite friendly and energetic and others like to be around them. Though likings and disliking is a personal choice there are some traits that are always appreciated by others.

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    People around you will remain if you could offer something in terms of cash or kind. They would be more inclined to you if you could support them with the resources they require. If you are a regular donor of old clothes to your maid or any other old article useful to them. They would remain in touch with you for your generosity. To sum up, you should have something for each people so that they would remain in association. Ensure that you have some people around you who are truly helpful in nature and they would maintain relationships because of their psychological needs.

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    A person who is well behaved with others and is having a helping nature is liked by all. A few people have such qualities of being cheerful all the time in spite of so many difficulties and botherations in this world. Though such people are rare but they are said to possess a magnetic personality. They also earn a good name and reputation in the society and people always refer them for seeking any advice or help. It is not so easy to become a magnetic personality because it requires a lot of patience, control, and mentality of sacrificing ones time and periorities for helping other people. There are such people in my circle and relations but their number is very very less.
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