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    Dress of one should be at convenient but modesty

    In many places it is argued that one should wear this dress and that dress. In some places the ethical or conventional dress are not respected. It has been read in news that a famous club did not allow the member who came in dhoti,where the dhoti is the regular and conventional dress in that State. But many people do not care this but wearing dress at their conventional dress everywhere. In Kerala we can see most of the people wearing Dhoti only. In Tamilnadu many people feeling inconvenient on wearing dhoti in public places. But practically speaking the dhoti is very convenient as the tie in the hip is automatically adjustable but wearing a pant is not so. I felt this many times and regularly wearing dhoti only whenever I am going out for some functions other than official.
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    Generally it is said that dress should be as per ones convenience or as per the demand of the occasion. Many people follow this unwritten rule. Sometimes it may so happen that a person wearing a particular dress may be criticized or may not be liked in a particular gathering because of certain premonitions in the minds of people but that should not be the point to be considered or felt when someone wears a dress of one's choice. Unfortunately, in our society the western dress has been commanding a very high position and in places like big hotels or big gatherings or celebrity functions people look at the person from the standard of dress he is wearing. Somehow I feel that this trend should change and people in their normal traditional dresses should be allowed everywhere.
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    There should not be any restriction in respect of wearing of any dress. The dresses should be such that it must be perfectly clean so that it creates a sense of decency to the people. We have a lot of misunderstanding regarding the dress culture. The convenient dress Dhoti and Kurta considered as the convenient dresses giving the look of Indian Culture is not allowed in some hotels and resorts. This is rather an unfortunate part and such a restriction is nothing but the insult of the conventional dresses. This trend should be changed and one must be allowed to use the dresses of their choice. However, there should not be any compromise with the neatness.

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    Unfortunately there has been rules imposed on wearing a particular dress code which may not be e liking to the the taste of others and therefore there has been conflict of interest which means not agreeing to what has been said and demanded. In South India especially in some Temples there has been practice to follow the dress code which even done today. The male devotees must enter bare body and with Veshti.
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    In dress, priority is always given to comfort, but there are some cases when we have to adapt traditional clothes for some special festival or reason, now it depends whether you are comfortable in that outfit or not. What I have found in Hindu tradition is that when weddings are held in North India, the bride's dress is more uncomfortable but traditions are the same as the dress has been adopted, this is not always the case but can be in most cases. Sometimes discomfort is okay but when it comes to normal days, comfortable clothes are preferred.

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    Nowadays, in many places dress code is specified. Only people who go to that place with that dress code only will be allowed inside. Earlier days in Tirupathi there was no dress code. But now there are also dress codes are specified.
    I also prefer a dhoti over pants. But when we travel in public transport vehicles dhoti is a little inconvenient. I wear a dhoti only when I am in the house or going to temples or some friend's place. But when I attend professional duties I will go in pants and shirt only.
    Our dress should support us in discharging our duties properly. We should not feel inconvenience. I never like wearing a necktie. It is very inconvenient. But sometimes was to wear the same as per the necessity of the situation.

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