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    Do you know the guide who is helping us from behind?

    Many of you have guides, especially if you are still a student. Of course, we all require guides from time to time and for each avenue, one can have a specific guide. During our student lives, there were teachers for each subject in schools/colleges and they were the guides of that specific subject. Our parents are also our guides in many cases and we take their advice when required. Likewise, there may be persons who guide you on financial issues, family matters, job-related issues, etc and from time to time on their advice, you act. There may be some point when you desperately needed a guide but didn't get one though you came out of the situation successfully. If you have encountered many such situations without a guide then you may have already developed an amount of confidence and think you can handle any situation. Yes, such confidence is quite important but other than that there is a guide who is secretly giving you suggestions and showing you the path. Do you know that guide? It is your experience that always acts as a great guide in many situations.
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    The guide is the person who helps you to ease your path with his/her experiences, be it studies, career, job, life struggles, etc. It is necessary that the guidance should be direct, sometimes some people also play the role of guide for you in an indirect form, you should know and understand their guidance. As the author said, parents play the role of the most important guide in life, so it is right, parents not only show us the way on the basis of experiences, but even if there is no information in their knowledge, then they take all the information related to them. Develop yourself as a guide. We ourselves become guides for other people and we should do the same. In the same way, when people become a guiding force for each other, then along with their own development, the society also develops. I am glad that I have many guides in my life and they have shown me the right path at the right time.

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    In the midst of all crisis, you may look for for a guide helping you to come out with such such a confusing situation. With the appropriate guidance, your job becomes rather easy and your accomplishment in relation to the job does not take so much time. Your guide is helpful to you at every stage. His presence will lessen your worries no doubt but the other disadvantage may be your over independence of guides and without his help it would be difficult for you to concentrate on your jobs.You should also try your best to complete a job very often without the help of a guide. This will restore your confidence of taking up jobs independently.

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    During our learning and acquisition of knowledge, in the beginning, we require a guide at every stage but with time when we complete learning the things then our experience and confidence both increase which provide us the energy and force to take up those tasks independently in future. It is possible that we might encounter new domains and new areas to tackle with and then again we would require someone to guide us and if none is available then we might also look to the online resources also. All this comes in our life slowly and gradually and culminates in the form of experience. It is said that there is no substitute of experience and it is very true also. Today the whole industry is looking for the well qualified people having good experience in their areas. In this scenario a fresher might find difficulties to tread ahead but once he gains sufficient experience then he becomes confident and chooses his job.
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    Sometimes when we desperately looking for a guide, we may get some idea sparkled in our mind. Once we start thinking about that solution it appears to be the correct and we will implement the same and we will be successful. This idea how it comes? As mentioned by the author it may be from our previous experience. The experience might have given you some lessons which will be there in the back of your mind. When you need a real solution the ideas will come from the lessons that you stored in the back of your mind.
    But sometimes some miracles happen and the situation will improve with whatever actions we have taken. In such a situation, we think we got the help of God. He is the guiding force to all always. But some may not accept this. However, opinions vary from person to person.
    We should learn from our experience. Simply putting on several years of service may not be the experience. We have to learn from the happenings and then only we can we have experience and that experience only will be useful for us in a difficult time.

    always confident

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    A wonderful post! I missed reading it. Before I read the thread, I thought the author was hinting at the Almighty, but no, I was wrong. Our experiences indeed guide us thoroughly, but it's up to us to follow or ignore them. If we disregard then obstacles will never leave us. Thus, our experience is invariably a guide.

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    There is no doubt that there is no substitute of experience but sometimes it also happens in our lives that a new situation comes which we have not encounter earlier. In such cases we have to work a bit more hard and try to find out new ways to handle the situation. My experience in such situation is that in such circumstances what helps us is our confidence and past history of our success ratio. Those things help us in taking the calculated risk in attempting the new situation and most of the times one can find that one will be doing that new type of task successfully. So the self confidence is also a very big factor which helps us tremendously when there is nothing which can drive us to attend and undertake a new work.
    Knowledge is power.

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    In my opinion, our experience in a particular field may help us in the thinking process and the ways and means to come out of the problem. Once we have good experience means we know how to concentrate on the issue to know the various ways and means to solve the issue.
    Another point we will learn with experience is analysis. When there is a complex situation we know how to divide it into small portions so that we can understand where we have to concentrate. That is how a doctor does. He gets the analysis done and see where the issue is and try to address that issue. Sometimes with our experience when we see the issue itself we may get some indications. They are the guiding forces.

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    Good thread shared by the author and for that matter we are all taking one help or the other through the guides though not in full time but occasionally and therefore no one can deny that they are working without the help of guides. From the starting of our birth, we are being guided by the mother and elders at the home and that is the biggest lesson we learn and we should never forget the contributions and help of those who made us the big in life. The teachers at the school and best friends at the classes are our best guides without whom we have not learned any thing. And at the office our immediate boss is the best guide who make us to work for the organization with strict rules laid down. And after marriage, the wife is the best guide to make us realize the importance of money, material and the life in general.
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