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    SARPA App - Snake catching training programme.

    As part of the Forest Department's snake-catching program, the public can get training in snake-catching. All you have to do is download the SARPA app from the Google Play Store and register.

    The training will start in the last week of October at 7 centers in Kerala. Those who complete the training will be given a certificate and kits containing safety equipment. They will be included in the approved rescue team of the Forest Department. The validity of the certificate is 5 years. People between the ages of 18 and 60 can apply.

    So far, 130 people have registered with the Sarpa mobile app.

    Have you ever heard of the snake catching training program? Have you heard about this SARPA app before?
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    This is very interesting information about SARPA App that the author has shared. I would definitely like to share this training information with the people around me. This is a good step and hopes it will be more fruitful to achieve its actual aim.

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    This is really a very interesting information shared by the member. In many areas in our country there are snakes found especially in the thick forests and green vegetation areas. They cause fear in the people because people are not well trained in handling them. I have seen some trained snake catchers who very silently and easily catch them and keep in a bag or bottle like jar or similar pot. They generally use a long stick to guide the snake in the desired direction and then hold it from its tail and then it becomes just like that hanging in the air and not able to do any harm to the catcher. It certainly requires some training and practice to do so. It is a great initiative that in Kerala such a scheme of training is being conducted for the benefit of people at large so that the trained people can remove the snakes from the dwelling areas and throw them in the forest back where they will have the natural habitat. In many green areas adjoining the hills and forest the snakes often come and are a threat to the people living nearby. This initiative will be very helpful in that situation.
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    I never heard of this App. It is good that people are getting trained in snake catching. We will be seeing more snakes in open areas where a lot of trees and bushes are there. In our native place, we have a small piece of land. We had a compound wall and inside we grow plants. We have seen sometimes there snakes roaming here and there. Generally. they will be coming out early in the morning and again in the evenings.
    In Hyderabad Zoo, once I have witnessed a show by the trained snake catchers. They brought some snakes in their boxes. They opened the boxes one by one and shown us to the audience and explained about that snake. They also told how they will catch the snake. There is a society that will catch these snakes and take care of them. They gave their phone number also to inform them if there is any need of catching the serpent and they will come to do the needful.

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