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    Only those know the value of money who have earned it in hard way

    Every person has a desire in life to make a career and also earn money to lead a good life. Most of the people work hard to attain this objective and once they start earning money they know the worth of it. Those who have got money from parental sources or from lottery or from any such easy source will not understand its worth and they will not give it much value also and might spend it mindlessly. It is also said about the money so earned is that ill got is ill spent. So it is natural that people who have earned money with hard work will keep it preserved for rainy days and will spend it using their mind and will not waste it. Only such people understand its worth and value. What do you think about this?
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    Nicely said by the author. It is the fact that those who earn the money know the pain of spending it or saving for the future. In those days people used to save little money in grain boxes as they never had the habits of saving through banks. And during emergency those little money where hugely helpful. Saving habits must be inculcated for the children so that they know the important of money and usage in emergency
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    I completely agree with the author, my grandmother often used to say that we have made everything by adding one penny, my father even today thinks a lot before spending a small amount, this quality has diminished in the coming generations because relatively less struggle life Is. It is true that when we earn money after hard work and hard work or struggles, then the importance of that money is different. Some people get a built house, or business or a large amount of money, then perhaps these people cannot understand its value in the same way as other hardworking people.

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    That is always true. When we earn the money on our own by hard work only we will know the value. Whenever we see a not we will remember how much hard work we have put in to earn that money will come to our mind. Then we will be very thoughtful and spend only when we think that it is absolutely necessary.
    These days I am seeing a difference. Especially people working in IT with high salaries are very liberal in spending. They feel we should not ask the rate only. They will ask whatever they want and they ask how much they have to pay and pay that amount. Some people think that the product costing high is the best and they will go for those products only.
    I remember in my childhood days spending even 10 paise by children without the permission of parents was prohibited. But now parents are always meeting the demands of the children and never tell them about the necessity of spending carefully.

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    Realizing the value of things is always important. When someone is habituated since childhood to spend a lot of money the habit will not go suddenly unless the flow of money reduces at a point. Then the person will start valuing money and will be cautious while spending it. When things are available easily we don't think much about their origin. Only when we give the effort to get something, we begin to realize its value. To realize the value we need to apply our minds but if people keep on spending money without applying their minds the worth is not understood properly.

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    I do agree with the author however I would also like to add some other instances. It is indeed true that one who has worked hard and earns money would know the value of it. They will be aware of its worth and therefore spend it wisely. To value things is a great quality that everyone should have within. However, I also believe that life experiences also help people value money. Many a time children who are born into middle-class families learn the value of every single penny. They are said to earn their pocket money by either performing chores or doing homework. In this way, they are conditioned to value the worth of money, even though it is not their hard-earned money they still value it. This conditioning goes a long way and even in adult life they learnt to become cautioned about spending too much. Hence, one who earns by working values money and so does one who is conditioned to it.
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    I read a story in Tamil based on this theme.
    A father of son worried about his son who has not gone for job after his completion of degree. Son also without caring father's worry roaming here and there. Further he demand money by money for his expenses. On continuous incidents the father told him he would allow him in house only if he bring at least 50 rupees per day. Agreed son stopped his roaming and searched for job seriously. One day he got a job and gave fifty rupees in his father's hand. The father teared the note and went inside without saying anything. Like this three days went. Fourth day when the father tried to tear the note, son hold his hand and asked why he is doing so. Father without saying anything just stared at him. The son again told father,' this is my hard earned money, I will not allow to tear'.Father replied,'similar to me only you destroyed my money.' Heard this this son got realized and asked apology. Father embraced him with love.

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    I have been consistently writing and responding in related relevant contexts about the value of properly earned money and savings.

    I even today value every rupee earned. That is why I never ignore or despise or belittle the singles and doubles as CC I get in ISC.

    I am a person who had seen financial difficulties in my growing years. So from a very young age I had understood and respected the value of properly earned money. I started my savings habit from a very small age.

    Please visit my response 71362 in this thread where I had quoted about other contexts where I had given my view about money and savings.

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