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    Were traditional methods of parenting more appropriate?

    When I talk to my grandfather or father about the old times of their times, I often come to know very interesting things. But one thing which I always understand is that both my grandfather and grandmother gave tough punishments to my father and uncles for their mistakes in those times and beat them many times but even today my father is very decent, live in the same house with brothers and there is love and respect in all three brothers and the same respect for the grandparent. This is the same if we talk about parenting in today's era, then it is advised, do not beat the children, they do not scold them, parents are even taking counselings for how to live with the child.

    But this was not all in the earlier times, parents used to give parenting to the children according to their convenience, that too without any pampering, yet why the children of that time are more sensible or virtuous and why are some of today's children deteriorating even with all the facilities? Should we still follow the ancient parenting pattern? What is your view about it?
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    That is true. In our house also our father used to be very strict with all the children in the house. When my brother was getting up late in the morning he used to punish him very hard. Slowly he started getting up early in the morning and it has become a habit to him. If we have to go to a movie also we have to approach him through our mother only. Even then many times he used to refuse our proposal. But all our brothers and sisters did well in our studies and settled well in our lives. But even today we respect him and never go against his wishes. Because my sons have seen how we will be with my father they also behave the same way with us. I never punished them. They never gave chance to be to punish them.
    We should tell the children what is good and what is bad and try to correct them when they did a mistake. If they are not listening we should see that they will fall in line. Otherwise, they may have to face a tough time in the future.

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    While looking back parenting being followed in our Indian families fifty years back, there was the strict discipline in the family. Children were afraid of their guardians because of the severe punishment for the minor lapses. Sometimes the children of the families remained in panic state for fear of being punished. It was their horrible experience in their childhood but the parents did not offer such physical punishments once they reached the age of eighteen. The advantage of such a severe punishment was to make them realise that they would not be spared if they go beyond their hands. The children of the families thought twice before committing mistakes. However, this was the norm of the past and as of now, the parents are more affectionate than the past. The present trend is to make the children more responsible by way of teaching the right steps in the different circumstances so that they may take up viable steps in the hours of need.

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    In earlier times everyone did not have a satisfactory financial condition and people lived under so many constraints and could not pamper their children even if they wished to do so. So, naturally children were brought up in a tight and restricted environment and were asked to be independent on many fronts and in fact in those times many children learned the household work also to assist their parents. I remember that when we were in our primary classes we did not have any money to spend in the school canteen or market and we were seeing towards the better off students in this regard who were sometimes entertaining us also. Under such constraints, the children will grow up in a very different fashion than that of today when all sorts of pampering is being done by the parents and so many facilities are given to the children. Beating the children has become a thing of the past and parents cannot think of that in today's environment.
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