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    Digital world made us physically inactive

    Nowadays, mobile and the internet are our life. It is true that our every kind of work is being done through the internet only. Our dependency is much more over it. As a result, we feel physically inactive. There was a time when we used to go particular place for particular work such as shopping, train ticket, bus ticket, competitive examination form, etc. Now, everything has become online. You need not go outside of the house. Everything will reach your home you have to touch your finger on mobile only. No doubt, one side where it is convenient and another side, we are paying our health. Very few people are found physically fit and active. Health problem has been increasing day by day on all age group due to digital world. What is your opinion about it?
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    Physical activity has reduced a lot. I used to go to the bank at least once a week. But these days I am not at all going to the bank. I think it is more than a year I visited the bank. All transactions are online only. ATM is very near to my house. Once in a while, I go there to withdraw money. This pandemic added to it. No going out at all and no physical activity at all. No need to go to Post Office also. Even vegetables and other commodities also are purchased online and the material is getting delivered at our door steps.
    There should be at least some physical activity in our bodies. Otherwise, we will face problems of health, Many people go for a walk regularly in the mornings which will keep them fit and have some activity. Even in household works also these days we see many new gadgets which will give comfort to the housewife. Because of these gadgets, the exercise for the body of the housewife also has come down.

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    It is true that the modern gadgets are making us physically lazy and inactive and it is taking a toll of our health. Whether it is old people or young ones or children everyone is busy with these mobile phones in their hands and of course sometimes they might be doing some important work but many times it is simply wasting time in unnecessary indulgences. It is advised by the health experts that we should not sit more than half an hour for these things and change our posture and stand up ager each half an hour and if not the exercise at least do some household work or go out in the street for a quick walk and then come back after say 15 minutes and then again continue our work. These types of breaks are mandatory and can save us from a lot of inconveniences in future. We must understand that health is the most precious thing in our lives and if we neglect it then it will also not honour us. So telling so is easy but we have to practice some basic methods to get gaps in these activities so that our eyes and other body parts do not get stiff and frozen.
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    I do agree and we have to give it a good thought. Because of less physical activity, people all over the world are facing many health issues and unless we take some action more complexities will arise. It is true that gadgets are invented for our convenience but if we become over-dependent on gadgets and do not undertake the required physical activities our fitness will come down. Though I find many people are quite health-conscious and regularly engage in some form of physical exercise the number may be quite less compared to the number of people over-enthusiastic of using gadgets for every task. The body needs movement to function properly and if we keep our body idle for long time laziness will creep in which ultimately will not be beneficial for our mental and physical health.

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    We need not move elsewhere to get our job done be it withdrawal of money from the bank or visiting the groceries with the cash. All our tasks have been convent due to the online system. Under this circumstances, we need not have the physical movements for our day today purchase by means of cash. This has made us very comfortable to the extent that we have been lazy. May be such a trend will continue even if the corona phase is over. Our confinement to home due to convenience of getting our work done through the digital system has made us lazy. The regular activities such as morning walk, jogging, running which were our part of activities in the past have lost meaning. We could observe that there has been some weight gain of our bodies due to the lethargic conditions for our non movement. Hope we will witness a better phase shortly.

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    It all depends on our usage of gadgets minimally as the digital world is not our way of life and we need to attend to our daily routine which cannot be supplemental to any of our regular tasks. Everyone needs the internet to keep connect with the world and that should not be hindrance to our other tasks and thoughts. Sparingly using the digital way is order of the day as more addiction is very dangerous.
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    Indeed. The author has very rightfully pointed out how in the modern world there has been a sudden decrease in physical activities. The technological development in the past years is nothing our mind could have imagined. The gadgets are superior to the human mind and extremely addictive. Even though there has been a worldwide consciousness about how physical activities are extremely important, it seems like none of the people actually prefer it. Children and teens have been restricted to their homes by their parents due to the pandemic and they have now fully relied on technology for entertainment. Even after things would get better, these youngsters would prefer staying in and playing games on their mobile phones rather than going out. It is understandable how every generation is different from others and with each generation the dependency on technology will only increase however it doesn't mean that physical activities should be pulled out of the pictures. It is the responsibility of the parents to teach them the significance and help them understand the beauty of physical activities and the excitement that follows it.

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    'This is true as much as we are pushing ourselves into the digital world, we are being physically less active. When people got all their needs fulfilled by the digital world they may not feel to connect themselves with the real world. But this process we a losing our precious time of life. Earlier, when people used to meet each other, there would have been a different enthusiasm for meeting at that time, presently this euphoria is less because either they are connected all the time through the digital medium or they give more time to their digital world even after meeting. Today in many places four lofts are not together even though everyone is busy on their mobile. People have to understand that this world is full of enjoyment and joy and we should live this world in its form not just in digital form.

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    Digitisation today has affected everyone's life not only in terms of providing the convenience of connecting the world, big-money transactions, providing education at everyone's doorstep mostly all of them seems pretty good and better for better lives but the negative terms are often sidelined and thrown under the mattress to promote its pros only. But other than pushing us in front of screens and away from real-world one of the biggest harm it has done is to make young children even toddlers addictive to consuming the content day and night and staying on the screen day and night and doing nothing else all the physical activities of earlier times are slowly and completing vanishing. And children of urban areas often don't even come out of their room and are getting affected by many diseases starting from obesity. And in this ever-changing world, we need a big change by restricting our own screen time as well as screen time of children and giving them limited access to phones and promote more book-culture based on paper, and games and sports based on physical activities.
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