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    Repetitive attempts would not help, change in the strategy is required

    Sometimes our efforts fail and we are not able to complete a task or job. This is a very common thing and is encountered by many of us in real life situations. Some people try to repeat the efforts and then again meet the failure only. Then, they become desperate and just leave to further pursue it. These things happen because people do not analyse the reasons of failure and do not try to change the strategy or methodology of attempting the job with a new outlook. If we give serious thought and analyse the reasons of failures then we would find that there was something wrong in the way we were attempting to undertake the job and once that is corrected the fresh attempts will definitely bring success. What is your experience regarding this?
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    Repeating the same mistake will be a mistake only. Correcting a mistake means bringing in the required changes and it is applicable to our efforts also when we fail to achieve the target. The reason for the failure has to be found before trying it again and then only one has to try to get a dissimilar result. For example, when there is an overload the MCB will trip. But if one tries to switch on the MCB every time it trips without reducing the load then it will continue to trip. Unless one checks the amount of load connected to the MCB and reduce it to its rating the problem will remain the same. Therefore, re-attempting without the necessary correction will provide the same result.

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    We start any job enthusiastically but due to the some reason or the other, we may not achieve success as anticipated. The same job is undertaken again thinking that it will click in the next attempt but unfortunately any failure in the second time may create a setback. As a result, most probably they would leave the job altogether. This can be termed as the hurried decision and such a decision will have the suicidal effect on their careers. What is needed we should think seriously the fault leading to our failure. Thinking on this point can eliminate the fault and we may achieve success.

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    The author is right. Repeating the same task without knowing the reason for our failure in the previous attempt is a real waste of time and money. A wise person should not do the same. It is natural to fail in our attempts sometimes. When there is a failure we need not worry. But we should analyze and see where we did a mistake which caused the failure. Once we know that we can redo the task without doing that mistake and we will be definitely successful. Failure analysis is a big topic. In my earlier organisation, we used to perform this. Whenever there was a failure a committee used to be formed. This committee used to go into the details and talk to the various people involved and will find out the reasons for failure and the same were being reported. These exercises will improve the performance levels of the organisation and will give good dividends.
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    The author gives a logical view about success and failure, this is good to try again and again until we got the success but at the same time we should observe our failure, if you are not observing your failure, it simply means is that you are just applying your efforts for formality and you are not too serious about them. When a person really wants to achieve their goal he/she will never miss any opportunity, and the opportunity from learning the mitakes in your attempts is very important. When we realize we should not do this thing is this way then we work on it, and adopt a new strategy.

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    For that matter we always aim at finishing the task with full zeal and if not average but should not fail at all. That means we have not given credence to the task or work in hand. Every work can be completed with full satisfaction, some satisfaction or little satisfaction and that also proves our interest in the job or the task. But failing in the effort means we have not understood the same for sure and therefore try to repeat the same. Repeated works may not yield the super attempt already made and thus we may still fall short of expectations. So changing the strategy would be the ideal way to checkmate even the immediate competitor performer. If the work is not fetching, I try to change the way of do it so that immediate results can be seen and gone through. This also implies the fame saying "galthian karo par wahi galthi dubara math karna".
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