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    We should have a balance of rigidity and flexibility in our lives

    It is said that one should be disciplined in one's life so that one can do one's works or jobs in time and be successful in his life and career. Definitely, discipline is a great trait in our lives. There is no denying that. But sometimes too much discipline and too much rigidity in our working system may not be very useful because in this world there are situations and circumstances when we have to be flexible and accommodate as per the demand of the situation. So being disciplined is definitely a good thing but we should be ready to accommodate and adjust sometimes if the situation asks for it. This is also seen that flexible people are much more successful at times than rigid people. Hence, we should have a balance of rigidity and flexibility in our lives. What are your observations on this?
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    A winner should know where we should be rigid and where we should be flexible. Too much rigidness or too much flexibility is never advisable. We can't say if we are rigid only we will be successful. A successful person should always be flexible and change according to the situation. While doing this he should lose his eye on the point which he has to mere for being successful. This is more required in dealing with people. Different human beings will have different ways and thoughts. So when we can understand the way of the other person and make him work in that direction will give him more encouragement and he will work with more enthusiasm. So he will contribute more to the success of the project. So accommodating others and making adjustments will help the others to work with more focus. But we should see that adjustments and accommodations should not make us lose in the end.
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    That balance is important and those who know it are successful. One cannot be rigid all the time and depending upon the situation one has to change the decision. Now, if this change is too frequent then others will always try to take advantage. We will see this in the case of relaxation to some rules which are provided in certain situations but in general, the rules are quite rigid. If there is no discipline then it will be a free-for-all and at the same time, too much rigidity can dampen the spirit. But one thing we all need to take care of and rigidly follow and that is the quality. Rigidity must be there when quality is of prime importance and in other cases, depending upon the situation one has to be flexible to grow further.

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